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An Elegant Auckland Harbour Wedding (with serious venue envy) Captured by Keryn

Captured by Keryn Wedding Photography_0058
Today’s inner city Auckland wedding is so classically elegant, yet still beautifully original. The reception was held at the jaw dropping venue The Wharf, and with so many romantically chic details, I am simply in love with it all! (especially that cake, those floral’s, the reception details and the 2 stunning dresses worn by the bride… swoon!)

A big congratulations to the beautiful couple Hye-Won & Kenny, and a big thank you to the ALWAYS amazing CAPTURED BY KERYN for sharing these gorgeous pics!

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Top 10 Wedding Buys Of The Week

I hope you are all having a kick ass weekend beautiful people! We had a day without power (until just now) which was actually a blessing in disguise. Instead of catching up on all the weeks online things to do I didn’t get done, I instead got the fire going, made myself a cuppa (I have gas, pun intended) and pulled a book from the bookshelf that I picked up in a Thai temple 6 years ago on all things Buddha. Crikey, seems I am not taking enough time to just chill the f#@k out (I’m not sure saying that is very Buddha of me!) and BREATHE, and JUST BE. Continue Reading

Local Love love stories

Jason & Laura. A Quirky Family Farm Wedding By David Le Design & Photography

David Le Design and Photography_0052Well how can you not love a bride who wears yellow nail polish on her wedding day! Jason & Laura’s family farm wedding is rustic with quirky goodness and I am love with so many details, the tiny church, the sweet cooperative dog (good boy!), the well-loved car, the super cool diy signage and the vegetarian buffet (YUM!) just to name a few. All captured perfectly by the talented DAVID LE DESIGN & PHOTOGRAPHY,  today’s wedding proves that a rainy day can make for spectacular photos!!! Enjoy xox Continue Reading