Another Kick Ass Day. A FREE printable daily planner from… me!

Paper and Lace Daily Planner

I confess. I am a bit of a listoholic. But lately things have been getting far too messy (both in my head and on paper) so it was time to create a planner that worked for me.

On a mission to improve my health, fitness and general well-being (which of course includes being organised) this daily planner covers my exercise (Fit & Fabulous is a much more motivating heading don’t you think?) housework (Nest) and hourly shinnanigans (6am to 10pm). It it simple Simon but I hope you likey.

To get printing for an A4 size click here, or to print 2 smaller planners to a page click here. I keep mine together with a super efficient and smart gadget… the paper clip.

P.S I am all for sharing but if you do please credit or link back to Paper&Lace. Spanks.


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