Smitten #12


I am loving the boys of SAMCRO. Having never watched Sons of Anarchy in the past (It was way past our bed time when hubby gets up at 3am), we are now catching up box set style.

The only problem is “just one more episode before bed” is easier said than done. Now on season 4, I’m completely addicted to not only to the show, but to their bad ass, sexy as hell, leather wearing style. Smitten indeed.

Inspired by the show, here are three of my must haves…

1. Black Diamond Skull Ring from Mastermind, Japan. At $10,000 it is a way out of my league but I’m sure a trip to Lovisa will find me something similar for around $10.

2. These Jo Mercer leather boots over at The Iconic are just what I need to ride my imaginary bike. Yus.

3. This kick-ass leather jacket over at Sincerely Jules would make me the hottest ‘old lady’ in town. And I may just consider killing (perhaps just a spider) to get it. Poor spider.

Ride on beautiful people ♥


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