Printed Your Own Invitations? NOW WHAT? 5 DIY Ideas for Envelope Envy

Yesterdays post on printing your own invites got my little brain thinking about an issue that my sister had when creating her own wedding invites. The envelopes. At the time we were not aware of the clever looks you can achieve with good ole Microsoft word and a pretty basic printer (open an a4 page> write your address> change your paper size to the envelope size> pop your envelopes in the printer in the right spot> PRINT!) Ok I made that sound easy and there might be an easier way even still but it is AMAZING what you can do with Word. I recommended that you google it (or go through help in word).

BUT if you want to get a little more fancy pants with your envelopes, then today I give you five ideas for envelope envy that will take you wedding stationery to a whole new level without a huge amount of extra effort…

5 DIY Ideas for Envelope Envy


ONE //Get yourself a customised stamp. This has to be one of the coolest and easiest ideas EVER to achieving high quality and oh so unique envelopes. Not only can you have a return address stamp created but you can also get Save the date’s, Invitations, Wedding monograms, Thank you cards, basically whatever you can think of can be created. CRAZY HUH! This solution is perfect for the DIY bride and stylish stamp store Blinks Of Life would be one of my favourite finds. Saying that ETSY is chocca with unique versions to suit all tastes and budgets. Get amongst it beautiful people!

TWO // Banner Up! Creating address banners is not as difficult as it looks. You can print and stick in a variety of colours, but if want to know the easiest way to rock the look above by Ericas Sweettooth… Get some address labels from Warehouse Stationery > Cut a little V into each of the labels (while they are still on the backing) > Then stick them on! Either print before for a specific font, or write on them afterwards in your stylish writing for a more personal touch.

THREE // Craft Punch like Martha Stewart. I love a good craft punch. It is like the grown up equivalent of making paper angels. This example above by The Three shows that a little detail go’s a long way in making envelopes look fabulous! (In fact you really should check out their stationery range, it is AMAZING!) You can get so many shapes and border punch’s it is no longer funny! Simply visit your local scrapbooking or stationery store and be prepared to be amazed!

FOUR // Go back to basics but be creative! This very cool idea found over at Erica’s Sweettooth is perfect for those lacking confidence in the handwriting realm, and is simply an address label with a hole punched in it and a little hand drawn string (practice a few times before you start!) In the tutorial Erica goes to town with a thick version (which looks amazing) but if you are not up for all night cutting and pasting then a simple stick on label will still look pretty damn cool.

FIVE // Teach yourself Calligraphy. Ok so already I can feel a few of you cringing at the thought. But hey everything is worth a go and with this easy to follow tutorial by The Postman’s Knock on how to use a calligraphy pen, you might just surprise yourself! Know someone with fancy writing? Bribe them to help you out! If you need to write on dark envelopes and can not source a proper calligraphy pen, you will find alternative white and silver pens in local stationery stores. Want the look but without the effort? There is some great local talent around to check out Tara Ward Calligraphy // Bella Calligraphy // New Zealand Calligraphers just to name a few! xox

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