Meet Anna Allport. Photographer Extraordinaire. Paper & Lace Sponsor.Total Babe.

Anna Allport Meet Anna Allport. Photographer extraordinaire, Paper & Lace sponsor and total babe.

This country-bred lass is extremely talented behind the lens, with the ability to capture a love story in the most natural yet whimsical of ways. Her images are always a true representation of each special day, capturing the personality and emotions between couples, friends and family perfectly every time (and almost to the point where you think you know them!)

She is also one super cool chickaroo and so today we find out what makes her tick with a little who, what, and where (while we swoon over some of the stunning pics from her portfolio)…

10 Questions with Anna Allport

Describe yourself in 3 words: Passionate, relaxed, honest (according to my Facebook friends)

Anna Allport Photography

What’s the best professional lesson you ever learned? 

To believe in myself, it’s easier said than done. Once i starting doing this, good things started to happen.

Anna Allport Photography

What was the last thing that gave you warm fuzzies?

 My puppy! My boyfriend and I have finally agreed on getting a beagle, we will be getting him early next year! Oh and my new bed, its like sleeping on a warm fuzzy cloud!

Anna Allport Photography

Who inspires you?

My lovely clients, my friends and the industry. Everyone is so supportive and that really helps to inspire and motivate me.

Anna Allport Photography

Describe your perfect day as a photographer…  

Easy, A wedding with an awesome bunch of people who all love and care for each other, know how to party and put all their trust in my ability to capture that. 

New Zealand Wedding Photographer

Describe your perfect day off…  

Sleep in, go for a swim, drink coffee, sunbathe, cruse around in the boat in the bay of islands, water ski, BBQ on the outdoor fire, wine all with my buddies.

Anna Allport Photography

Besides friends & family, what are the three things you can’t live without?

Pascall Liquorice Allsorts, My pillow, & The beach

New Zealand Wedding Photographer

What are you watching, reading and listening to right now?

 Watching the block, I sooo want to be on that show! Reading, Start with Why: How great leaders inspire everyone to take action by Simon Sinek. Listening to Haim & Ben Howard

New Zealand Wedding Photographer

What is your favourite trend in the wedding world right now?

It is not so much a trend, but couples who are not scared to do something different. 

New Zealand Wedding Photograher

What are your favourite local places to eat, get coffee, shop?

Dinner – Cibo, Brunch – Domian & Ayr, Coffee – Madame Jojo’s. Shop – Juliette Hogan, Celine Rita, Ruby. New World- I have a thing for supermarkets. 

Anna Allport Photography

Looking back, what would you tell your 16 year old self? 

Put down the liquorice all sorts, you are setting yourself up for a life long addiction.

New Zealand Wedding Photographer

What is your favourite getaway location why?

Rawhiti, a very remote town in the bay of islands. There is no cellphone reception, no shops and hardly any neighbours. It is truly a magical place!

New Zealand Wedding Photographer

You can check Anna’s stunning portfolio here, & hang out with her on facebook here.

Anna Allport Photography

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