Introducing Inge Flinte. Wedding Storyteller. Artist & Mother. Super Kawaii.

Inge Flinte Wedding Photographer

Inge Flinte is one heck of a lady. Incredibly creative and naturally clever behind the lens, I am in total awe of her talents. Inge not only has a stunning wedding portfolio over at Cocoro Photography but a very VERY impressive personal portfolio. Oh and did I mention one of the coolest Instagram pages EVER.

A mother of two boys, practicing artist, fabric hoarder and Nutella addict; this Auckland based beauty holds a Master in Fine Art & Photography, and will happily all over the countryside to capture your big day.

“For me, photography is about capturing you as beautifully and honestly as I can.  I’m essentially a storyteller who works with images instead of words. I love having the opportunity to capture all the beauty, emotion and chaos of a wedding day.

I want to capture you being you.”  

Today we get to know this talented local lady a little bit more with a good ole Q&A. ENJOY!

Inge Flinte Wedding Photographer11

Describe yourself in 3 words…

Quirky, creative, hardworking.

Inge Flinte Wedding Photographer8

 What’s the best professional lesson you ever learned? 

Being honest. Photographing a wedding is not about me as the photographer, its about capturing the day they way the client envisions it – that said from time to time a client might suggest something I know from experience won’t work and it’s always better to be honest in those kind of situations as it normally means a better result for the client in the end.

 Inge Flinte Wedding Photographer9

What was the last thing that gave you warm fuzzies?  

Watching my kids sleeping…most peaceful thing.

Inge Flinte Wedding Photographer10

 Who inspires you? 

So many people! One of my favourite photographers is Rinko Kawauchi – she makes the most amazing-emotion-filled images. I also love Carl Wooley, Leiko Shiga, Mika Ninagawa just to name a few…

Inge Flinte Wedding Photographer26

Describe your perfect day as a photographer…

I know it sounds a bit weird but beautiful light for starters. It has this way of making everything look amazing. Just having the opportunity to watch and capture a day unfold – all the chaos, beauty and emotion of a wedding day.

Inge Flinte Wedding Photographer23

Besides friends & family, what are the three things you can’t live without? 

iphone, camera and snacks (for the kids!)

Inge Flinte Wedding Photographer3

What are you watching, reading and listening to right now? 

Watching Breaking Bad, anything Woody Allen has directed Reading The Wind-Up Bird Chronicles and Eat, Pray, Love Listening to Vampire Weekend.

Inge Flinte Wedding Photographer1

 What is your favourite trend in the wedding world right now?

I’m just loving the vintage look and seeing people make their weddings super personal opposed to cookie cutter…

Inge Flinte Wedding Photographer17

In Auckland where do you like to eat, get coffee, shop?

Love eating at the Honey Trap in St Kevin’s arcade (best soups ever), Little & Fridays (although the kids seem to pull out the naughty card every time we visit…) and the scullery on kroad (best food ever!!!). I’m just a bit obsessed with fabric – so The Fabric Store is a bit of a haunt of mine as well as Flotsam & Jetsam and Collected.

Inge Flinte Wedding Photographer12

 Looking back, what would you tell your 16 year old self?

Exactly what my mum told me –  for the time being ignore the boys – trust me – in five years things will be SO different…

Inge Flinte Wedding Photographer4

What is your favourite getaway location and why?

I’m going to go ahead and cheat here and name two – Southern California and Japan – two places I’ve lived and they are both magic in very different ways. SoCal cause its a holiday destination and there is so much for the kids to do, its an amazing melting pot with a strong hispanic influence, oh the the climate (and light) is amazing – and as an added bonus, we still have friends to catch up with – Japan, because its my second home (my mother is Japanese), and to be honest – I love all of it – its a strange feeling when you meet come to a country and realise so many of your personality traits are actually cultural traits!

Inge Flinte Wedding Photographer24

To check out more of Inge’s wedding portfolio click HERE, and to go have a nosey at her art click HERE.

Inge Flinte // Cocoro Photography