Ingrid & Stu. A Central Otago Scottish Inspired Wedding by Jim Pollard Goes Click

Stu and Ingrid-113

This wedding of Stu and Ingrid’s was one of the most relaxed, heart filling, informal, simple (in a good way), and not forgetting both funny and sunny weddings ever ever.

I walked away feeling like I made a whole new bunch of friends and slightly disappointed with my facial hair.

jim pollard

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Photography // Jim Pollard Goes Click

Ceremony Venue //  Shotover River, Queenstown

Venue // The Flower Barn

After Venue // Barmuda   

Celebrant // Kathryn Omond

Dress // Kate Sylvester

Caterers // Mann Made

Florist //Ingrid’s Mum

Cake // Cup & Cake

Make up // Barbara Cleveland

Scottish Shortbread and Swedish Wedding Cookies made by Stu’s Mum

Jim Pollard Queenstown Wedding Photographer