Jannel and Sam. A Piha Engagement by Amy Kate Photography

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When talented photography Amy Atkinson emailed me with this gorgeous engagement shoot I only had to look at the image of the shoes to say yes! Today’s beautiful engagement is bringing out the emotional romantic in me… I will let Amy tell you why…

“The location was very important to Jannel and Sam, as it was the place where Sam proposed. Piha is a beautiful place and made for an incredible backdrop for their engagement photos and it was great to be in the place where their lives together begun.

Jannel and Sam brought many items that are special to them as a couple. The Picture frames were hand made for them by Sams Sister, the scrabble pieces belonged to Jannel’s Grandmother, as did the blankets. These items brought a very honest and genuine sentimentality to the shoot and was very close to the couples heart.

They wanted to incorporate things that will be apart of their wedding day. Things like the flower crown, made by Serena from Pretty Posies, will be worn by all of Jannel’s Bridesmaids. The shoot was beautifully crafted and personalised by Jannel and Sam. And It was a pleasure to shoot and get to know this couple and see their ideas brought to life.”

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From the couple…

In three words describe yourself as individuals

Sam: Respectful – Honest – Dedicated
Jannel: Creative – Determined – Organised

How did you meet?

In 2011 we each started working at the Auckland Sky Tower Skyjump attraction. Our adventurous personalities meant that we quickly hit it off!

Tell us about the proposal…

On the 1st January 2013, we went to Piha beach for New Years Day. After half a day of relaxing at the beach with a picnic we climbed to the top of Lion Rock to watch the sun set while having wine and chocolates. Sam gave me a love note (A3 sized) and while I read the list of reasons Sam loved me he got down on one knee and pulled out a beautiful engagement ring!

In three words describe your planned wedding style…

Elegant – Personal – Relaxed (Lace-Diamonds-Pearls-Pastels-Flowers-Wine-Food-Piano)

When and where are you planning on getting married?

21st of February 2016 at Gracehill Estate, Auckland – It was love at first sight, we couldn’t dream up a better venue.

What will be your splurge item for your wedding?

The Dress – there is no limit on one’s wedding dress!

Where are you going for you honeymoon and why?

There are so many options!! We’re not completely sure yet – Most likely a beach with cocktails and lots of adventurous activities (Hawaii?)!


behind the lens


I love that no matter how many weddings I shoot, couples I met and families I laugh and cry with, none will ever be the same as the last. Just as every person is unique, every relationship is so personal to you both. The things you laugh at, the personal jokes, the looks that can speak a thousand words. The pet peeves that make you want to explode out your ears – But you wouldn’t change for anything in the world. But most of all, the moments that you think to yourself “Man… I love you. This is my person”.  It is all these things that go into creating a love that is crafted specially for you.

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