Erin & Christian. A bright & beautiful circus inspired wedding by Joanna Walker

PAPER & LACE Erin & Christian. A bright & beautiful circus inspired wedding by Joanna Walker 16

I am very excited to feature today’s wedding. Why? It is like a big beautiful rainbow bursting with colour, shining warm fuzzy light! Fun yet classy, colourful yet classic, cute yet quirky, I just cannot get enough of the pops of colour including that magical bright bouquet by Floral Stylist. Beautifully captured by the talented Joanna Walker, this wedding is sure to inspire all of you regards of your theme or style. Enjoy!

Photographer Joanna Walker PhotographyPlanner/Stylist Imbed CreativeFlowers Floral StylistHair & Makeup Fran RobertsonBrides Dress Harriett FalveyFascinator Pop That CassetteVenue Hopetoun AlphaInvitations Imbed Creative | Photo Booth Photokombi

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In three words describe yourselves as individuals… Quirky, creative, eclectic

In three words describe your wedding style… Vintage, fun-filled, US!

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What were your save and splurge items for your wedding?
Splurge: Great vintage band to get everyone dancing, decor to really make it feel like our day and something different

Save: The whole wedding was very DIY with family and friends heaping every step of the way. Our groomsman and my brother made the “Me & You marquee light sign and did such a great job, we are so lucky to have such talented and helpful people surrounding us

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What advice would you give to future brides to be? Any tips or tricks?

Go with your gut when you choose your venue. Our venue was the first we looked at and we fell in love with it, it couldn’t have been more perfect for us.

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Photographer Joanna Walker PhotographyPlanner/Stylist Imbed Creative | Flowers Floral Stylist
Hair & Makeup Fran Robertson | Brides Dress Harriett Falvey | Fascinator Pop That Cassette
Venue Hopetoun AlphaInvitations Imbed Creative | Photo Booth Photokombi