5 Bridesmaid Wedding Trends, THEN & NOW!

PAPER & LACE 5 Bridesmaid Wedding Trends, THEN & NOW! 1

After revisiting my parents wedding album recently, and my mama’s crazy floral bridesmaids dresses (she even rocked them in orange and brown!), it got me thinking about trends from the past that are still popular in the present, and how different or similar they look today. Here are 5 of my favies, then and now…

P.S If you know what your mama dressed her leading ladies in, please do share with us in the comments below!

Pastel Palette

5 Bridesmaid Wedding Trends, THEN & NOW!

Hats have been replaced by floral crowns and gloves with basket flowers made way for larger loose floral bouquets, but when it comes to pastel palettes of the past and present nothing much has changed (and if you imagine the dresses above without sleeves they are pretty damn similar to the ones below!)


Floral Prints

5 Bridesmaid Wedding Trends, THEN & NOW!

Back in the day floral bridesmaid dresses had so much fabric, you looked like you had been eaten alive by curtains. Now, a better balance of fabric and skin means a floral print is still super popular, and I reckon it looks even better with a mix of fabrics in a similar print size or colour.

5 Bridesmaid Wedding Trends, THEN & NOW!


Pink Taffeta

5 Bridesmaid Wedding Trends, THEN & NOW!

I wore my first pink taffeta dress to my Aunties wedding. It had puffy sleeves and a tapered skirt and I wore as much hairspray in my mullet as humanly possible. At the time I thought it rocked (and secretly I still do) haha. Today, pink taffeta still makes an appearance, and although the movie ‘Bridesmaids’ clearly made it frightening, there are some gorgeous looks out there (like below) that are a little more classy. Again, mix and match styles and colours for a less ‘bridesmaidy’ look.

5 Bridesmaid Wedding Trends, THEN & NOW!

Image via Vintage Wedding Fair


Tulle Layering

5 Bridesmaid Wedding Trends, THEN & NOW!

While Tulle has always been a major player in the bridesmaid world, layering tulle in soft colours has made a big come back! The tulle halterneck dresses above totally rock my world, and without the extra layering around the neck, the dresses from the past and present are almost identical (check out that sweetheart neckline!)


Lace Love

5 Bridesmaid Wedding Trends, THEN & NOW!

I am seriously not kidding when I say I have seen VERY similar dresses to the above on ASOS. Lace bridesmaid dresses have never really gone out of fashion, they have simply changed in style over the years as lace became affordable and more designs became available on ‘the high street’. Lace is still one of the most popular choices for the 2015/2016 bride, with some bridesmaids even rocking white!

5 Bridesmaid Wedding Trends, THEN & NOW!

Image via Weddingomania



  1. Brita Long

    September 3, 2015

    I just can’t wait to see what people think of our early 21st century dresses in about 25 years or so. It’s not always easy to deem what is truly a classic or what will look dated, eventually.

  2. Jax

    September 1, 2015

    Hi Jenny, thank you for your comment! LOVE that your mum had pastel blue with tulle!!! Is such a popular choice this wedding season, just shows how trends go in circles and sometimes without much change 🙂

  3. Jenny

    September 1, 2015

    Fantastic post! Love seeing these comparisons. Imagine revisiting this in another 20 or so years. My mum had her bridesmaid in pastel blue with tulle (no pro photos tho, unfortunately).

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