A dreamy anniversary session with Tinted Photography

PAPER & LACE A dreamy anniversary session with Tinted Photography 34

Everytime Sirjana & Ben from Tinted Photography get behind a camera 3 things happen. 1. They always take the most amazing photos, that’s a given. 2. Their images manage to capture so much love and emotion, it’s almost like you were right there with the couple and can feel the love! 3. They always put their clients at ease (although I am yet to see them in action, I know from simply emailing them that they are so filled with energy, positivity and understanding!), and it is obvious by how relaxed and natural their clients always look that they are awesome at helping couples feel comfortable.

Today’s beautiful anniversary shoot is super dreamy (that photo on the rock made me OOL – ooooooh out loud!), and comes with some fab advice from a couple after their first year of marriage. Enjoy xox

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Tell us about your wedding…

I come from a city called as Hyderabad (South of India) and Piyush hails from Delhi ( North of India) so it was two different cultures & two families coming together. We had a typical Punjabi wedding with all the fun elements added which took place in Delhi. The entire event was spread  over 3 days and we stuck with the traditional theme. The bride’s usual attire is either Red or Maroon-based colours however I wanted my favourite colour – Royal Blue to be my wedding Lehenga’s Colour. And till date I adore my attire and even Piyush embraced the colour and carried it quite well (he looked adorable).

Looking back on your day,do you have any advice for couples?

Ha ha ha ha ha… Well, we would say to enjoy the  moment as how much ever you prepare, sometimes things might not work the way you want it to be! So instead of getting cold feet, just take in the moment and enjoy the laughter around you and the memories you would make and share with people.

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Tell us something that surprised you being married?

Nisha “Change” –Nothing changed between us instead the ” love and trust” grew between us a lot more. The reason this surprised me was everyone told us that there will be  a lot of change once you are married but thankfully Piyush didn’t make me feel that way! And every day he still surprises me.

Piyush The love seems to have grown since marriage, there is a sense of responsibility and it makes me feel complete, this definitely surprises me, as I didn’t expect such a change.

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What has been the highlight of the first year as a married couple?

The first year went by like a breeze. Highlight would definitely be – we tend to travel a lot more and travel does bring out the best between us.

What is the one thing that makes your marriage work well?

“Respect for each other and trust”

Nisha I absolutely adore this man – His patience and passion towards me, makes me fall in love with him all over again!

Piyush Definitely respect. And I truly believe in age old saying “behind every successful man there’s a woman”. Nisha has been my pillar of strength and has been my support in every situation.

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Praise for Tinted Photography

“It was an absolute pleasure working with Sirjana and Ben. I was stressed about everything and blank but Sirjana completely took the time to make me feel comfortable. Ben, you are a rockstar.” – Nisha


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    Lovely, beautiful setting, adorable couple. Photos are stunning!

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