Don’t be a Wussy. 50 D.I.Y Seating Plan Ideas for your Big Day.

Sorting a seating plan for you big day can sometimes be a nightmare.  Seating your Aunty Sheryl next to Uncle Gazza (with their new partners) might feel like navigating a mine field… but keep in mind that it is YOUR day and if they don’t want to sit down, they can sit out. (ballsy words from a girl who had no guests!)

Running the risk of a punch up should at least be affordable, so get crafty with these DIY ideas and seat your guests in style. Rummage through second-hand shops (or my favourite place, the dump) for bits and bobs to rescue and repurpose. You will be amazed at how many old glass jars, frames and windows you can find if you are prepared to get your hands dirty.

Don’t be a wussy.

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