The School of Love. A styled shoot, worth cutting class for.

Old Forest School is a heavenly place. I may not have visited in person, but I have been there many times in my daydreams. And if the feedback from vendors and brides is anything to go by, Old Forest School… is the ‘New School of Love’.

When the oh so clever Casey from The Heirloom contacted me, I knew I was in for a treat. Rustic meets vintage, with a styling team to write home about, this shoot is like the wedding child of two whimsical fairy tales. Gorgeous.

Beautifully photographed by Claire Mossong, with the perfect finishing touches by the talented team below, it is honor to enjoy the daydream again… oh and again…

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Here are the talented people that made it happen…

Venue ♥ Old Forest School

Flowers ♥ Rosies Wildflower Co.

Props & Styling ♥  The Heirloom

Photography ♥ Claire Mossong

Cakes ♥ Sugartown

Makeup ♥ Lillybeth – a beautiful education

Hair ♥ Blow Hair Co.

Dress ♥ Vanilla Bridal

Have a delicious day beautiful people ♥


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  1. paper and lace

    July 1, 2013

    Hey Meagan, I fully agree. The flowers and antlers (I am a HUGE antlers fan) are amazing! xox

  2. thisismeagankerr

    June 30, 2013

    Everything about this shoot is beautiful, but what really makes it for me is the flowers on the antlers. Perfection.

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