DIY Fabulous. The top 3 ways to feel fantastic for your wedding.

The top 3 ways to feel fabulous for your weddingSometimes we are so busy crafting and creating items of beauty for our big day, that we forget about one important project… us! Put down your scissors and step away from the craft paper, because today we celebrate some DIY of a different kind. Today I give you my top 3 ways to feel fabulous, ready for your big day.


Workout where it counts.

One thing I wish I had worked a little harder on before my wedding was not my weight, but how toned I looked. Everyone looks fab with a little definition, and in researching a great workout for you beautiful readers, I actually put this one to the test. This 15 minute bridal babe workout from the Tone It Up Wedding Series is much harder than it looks, but made me feel soooo good. I’m hooked! Check it out here!



Pamper yourself pretty (without spending all your pennies)

I love to indulge in luxurious beauty products, but money doesn’t grow on trees (so annoying!) So when I came across these at home spa treatments at LuLu’s, I made a pamper night promise to myself to try these all out. Gotta love beauty on a budget, minus all the chemicals! And did you know that brown sugar is filled with vitamin B6 (great for hair and skin) and honey has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties? Learn more about each combo here.

At home spa treatments


Invest in happiness. 

Getting married is a big deal. And often we forget about what it means to be moving forward with the one we love. It is the perfect time to reflect on who you are, where you are heading, and what it is that makes you tick. Happiness in yourself is key to a successful marriage, and the only one who can ensure you are in a great pre wedding space… is you.

My go to girls… (left to right, top to bottom)

Danielle LaPorte – Where conscious meets cash, and ambition meets inner peace. Getting to the bottom of your true desires in love, life and the little things (my favie!)
Leonie Dawson –  Artist, spiritual teacher and total goddess in love, life and business.
Gala Darling – A kick ass kiwi gal taking over the work through radical self love.
Alexandra Franzen – Writer, teacher, and creative minx. Language extraordinaire.

favourite ladies

Have a fabulous and inspiring weekend beautiful people, and remember…

Be kind to yourself ♥


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