Fab Five. Kick ass personalised bridesmaids gifts that deserve a looky

Being a bridesmaid is not hard work (OK maybe sometimes), being a bridesmaid is an honour. Hell yes, it can be nerve-racking (especially if you are speaking at the reception) but the privilege of being asked should never be taken for granted.

We have all heard those OMG stories about Bridezillas, but no one wants to hear a story about a Bridesmaidzilla sulking, pouting, and being generally unhelpful, because it’s not your day, and that is NOT OK.

Getting married is a big deal (and can be extremely stressful, overwhelming and emotional), and if a bride wants to stress out, panic or have a last-minute cry, it means she is normal, not the wedding version of a Japanese monster. Hell, at my wedding, I was shaking like the first time I held a boy’s hand at the blue light disco. Not a single guest in sight.

When you do get a bunch of girls that rock your world, and have helped make your day a breeze, nothing beats a personalised gift to say a huge THANK YOU MAM. Here are today’s TOP 5.
Choose your charm. Choose your chain. Choose what you want it to say. Claire from Madame Fancy Pants is one hell of a talented lady, and this my friends is one super cool way to say thanks. My pic is the banner? Or maybe the lightning bolt? How about the stars? Damn I want them all.

eclu (1)Eclu Brights
I have always been a fan of personalised Eclu clutches, and have featured them on the blog a few times now. But the design keep getting better, and the fabrics more fabulous, and these silk clutches with the bow would be my pick of the bunch. With so many colour options, you can’t go wrong, but I am in love with those metallics up top.

Oh and for a small fee you can get each clutch customised to include a note to each of your girls, which will be forever fixed to the fabric inside.


Singing Slowly
Getting ready on the big day is so much fun it’s silly. The excitement of being pampered and prettied is such a fab treat for your ladies. These Kimono style dressing gowns from Singing Slowly are such an amazing pressie, and I love the idea of each having a different design, making it so much more personal on the day and beyond.


OK so this is a tricky one. Please don’t be mad. These stunning vases from Maid of Clay are gorgeous, gorgeous, GORGEOUS. But, yes there is a but, she has currently filled her quota and will be taking orders again in August (hence the high false prices stated on the website, so no-one buys and pays for one by mistake) Also, prices for international shipping will be going up in January so really you are going to have fight your way onto the waiting list.

Hmm, what to do. How about hunting down the creative people in your town, there is bound to be a potter or ceramic artist who can make them on commission. Are you still mad?



Recipe Books, Photo Albums, Journal’s OH MY!  These customised books from New Zealand talent Baka Design have always rocked my world. Like a kid in a candy shop the colours and patterns are all so swoon worthy, and you can customise one for each of your gals. Woop Woop.

♥ Have you come across any amazing gift ideas for your gals? Please leave a comment and share the love.

Have a fun-filled Thursday beautiful people xox



  1. Rexlin Victor

    July 18, 2013

    Beautiful collections!!!

  2. paper and lace

    July 18, 2013

    Hey Pieta,

    That is great news! I found a few on Etsy, but I do like the idea of the different fabrics for each maid. I am desperate to get my hands on one of these for summer (roll on summer!) Have a fantastic day lovely lady xox


  3. Pieta

    July 18, 2013

    Awesome! Thank you again, I’ve been looking for reasonably priced dressing gowns for my bridal party and (although I haven’t admittedly looked very hard) I haven’t found any. As always, so helpful 🙂

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