Ruby & Willow. Home grown & gorgeous wedding stationery AND a Q&A session with the creator Kate Holland.


I first stumbled upon Ruby & Willow a few years ago, when I had contemplated my own stationery start-up. Spending hours browsing each beautiful unique design, I soon discovered I had a hell of a lot to learn about the stationery industry, and what it takes to be the best.

The detail in each design and the high quality finish  is so important in crafting the perfect wedding stationery, yet Ruby & Willow achieves this effortlessly, every time.

Established by Kate Holland in 2005, Ruby & Willow is a custom stationery design and letterpress studio specialising in distinctive stationery suites for discerning brides, Ruby & Willow is the paper perfect mix of all things pretty, with gorgeous designs and full stationery options that will exceed the expectations of even the fussiest bride. From vintage to classic, whimsical to masculine, these perfectly crafted customised sets are guaranteed to wow your guests and make your special day beautifully unique.

Some of you may already know of the talented Kate from New Zealand’s best wedding magazine Magnolia Rouge. Personally I cannot think of a more passionate and professional person to capture and transform your love, style and vision into keepsake stationery for your big day.

I will now leave you with the wonderful words of the lovely Kate herself. (because there is no way I could have said it any better!) And make sure you check out the Q&A with Kate at the end of this post! She is simply awesome with awesome sauce


“Invitations are all about first impressions. For most guests this is their first glimpse into the nature of the upcoming event.

At Ruby & Willow we believe that your invitations should be as unique as you are.”


“We will work with you to create one-of-a-kind, truly personal invitations, so that your guests are inspired, not simply obligated to attend.”


The invitations in our gallery should act as inspiration for you. It reflects the diversity of our style and is ever evolving. Take an idea, add some of your own, and we can come up with a design for you. Alternatively you can hand the creative control over to us and we’ll do the thinking for you.”


“Our philosophy is simple; to create a beautiful product that reflects not only the tone of the event, but your personalities as well, all whilst providing an enjoyable and seamless experience.”


“Ruby & Willow is a labour of love. An intimate design boutique with a personal approach to our work, we look forward to joining you on what will be one of the most exciting journeys of your life.”


10 questions

1. Describe yourself in 3 words…  

Compassionate, Creative, Loyal

2. What’s the best professional lesson you ever learned? 

To stick to your knitting!! It’s so easy to get carried away and want to diversify your product range or offering. I think before you consider do this you should perfect the thing you’re really good at. I learnt this the hard – and costly way – a few years ago.

3. What was the last thing that gave you warm fuzzies?  

Our pup goes to puppy daycare one day a week and my husband and I obsessively follow their facebook page to see if they post pictures of her. Seeing all the pups having fun and playing constantly gives me warm fuzzies!

4. Who inspires you? 

People who give their time and dedicate their lives to help others. 

5. Describe your perfect day off…

A lie-in, followed by a lazy breakfast, then a mid-morning swim (oh did I mention I was on a tropical island?), some lounging poolside with a good book and a stack of magazines before a leisurely lunch and an afternoon siesta. Then I would be magically transported to some beautiful countryside where I’d go on a walk through the mountains, before heading back poolside for cocktails and dining al fresco. All with my hubby by my side… and puppy somewhere! You didn’t say it had to be realistic right? 

6. Besides friends & family, what are the three things you can’t live without? 

A daily coffee, my puppy, the countryside (my iphone and computer would probably be appropriate answers but that would just sound sad!!)

7. What are you watching, reading and listening to right now?

Um, my computer screen!! Yes sadly I don’t have a whole lot of time for TV or reading these days… I love a good book but once I start I find them hard to put down and hours fly by before I know it. I’m looking forward to Homeland coming back on… oh and Offspring. LOVE Offspring! 

8. What is your favourite trend in the wedding world right now?

I’ve always been a fan of outdoor, relaxed rustic style weddings and I love all the pretty ceremony archways decorated with flowers and foliage we’re seeing couples incorporate these days or the canopys with draped fabric. Often they are made by the groom or a family member too which is a nice touch.

9. In Auckland where do you like to eat, get coffee, shop.

I have to say we frequent our local cafe quite often since it’s so convenient and we know we’ll always get a good breakfast, I’m loving the relatively new Ponsonby Central and the new eateries there, I also love Ortolana for it’s delicious fresh food, and Wise Cicada in Newmarket is amazing!! I don’t do dairy or soy and my lovely local cafe keeps Rice Milk especially for me so that’s my daily coffee stop!

10. What is your favourite getaway location why?

Don’t really have just the one since there are so many beautiful places in this world, but I recently surprised my (English) hubby with a trip to Queenstown for this first visit and I never ever fail to be completely inspired and refreshed after visiting there. Being in mountains and lakes is me in my element… my happy place!!

♥ Find out more about the amazing Ruby & Willow here. And the beautiful Magnolia Rouge here.




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