WARNING: Designing your own wedding shoes may result in high levels of awesomeness.


If you’re anything like me, when it comes to shoes I just know what I like. When stumbling upon the perfect pair it is usually love at first sight. All or nothing. So the opportunity to design my own wedding shoes might just be my dream come true… or my worst nightmare. Could I decide on a final design? I doubt it. Would I defrost my credit card in a ‘must have’ shoe frenzy. Definitely.

Shoes of Prey have nailed it when it comes to fully customised shoes. Not only can you choose the colour, shape and fabrics, but most impressively you can choose your height. Because let’s face it, while sky-high heels make many of us feel fabulous, when your husband is on the shorter side, and you don’t want to go on honeymoon with blisters, hammer toes and heel pain, then a lowered heel is heaven.

Here are three of their shoe inspiring boards to get you started. Click on the pics to find out more ♥Shoes of Prey

Have a swanky day beautiful people xox