Natalie & Liam. An Okurukuru Winery Wedding filled with Fun, Family & Fabulous.


Today’s beautiful wedding is my idea of a great love story. A beautiful bride with a great sense of humour, an amazing location, some very helpful friends and family, a kick ass dress, and a theme that the bride sums up as “Sh*t We Like”. I likey a lot.

Photographed by the oh so talented Natalie Morgan Photography, these beautiful images perfectly capture what this wedding was all about, friends family and fabulous fun!

A huge congratulations to the gorgeous bride and groom and a massive thank you to the beautiful Natalie Morgan for sharing these incredible images with us.


How did your love story begin? 

The Doc and I met in a bar.  I quite like that we are so cliché!  I thought he looked like a bit of alright, he had on a t-shirt with a big colourful tambourine printed right on the chest.  I like tambourines, so I wandered up, handed him my cellphone and told him to put his number in it.  He thought I was a bit crazy, but I think that is why he liked me!


Why did you say ‘YES’? 

The reasons I said yes were a no-brainer really:  he’s hot, he surfs, he makes beer and cheese and bread.  He’s smart and funny and smells nice.  He will tell me how a movie ends, if I ask nicely a couple of times and do the puppy dog eyes.  He likes incense and doesn’t mind my love of frivolous cushions, which is very important.  He gets more upset than me when it comes to killing animals, even the teeny tiny ones.  He will always offer me the last bite of whatever he is eating.  He also really tries to have an interest in the things that I like – even though his fashion advice is sometimes truly awful, I do appreciate that he takes time to notice and comment.

He’s shared his daughter with me and I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to be a stepmum.

The Doc has taught me what it is to be loved by someone properly – without boundaries or questions and expectations.  He lets me just be me – all foolish and weird, immature and shouty , nonsensical and indecisive; and he loves me for it all the same.  His unwavering belief in me and our future together has given me hope, day after day…. and has changed me – I’ve become somehow different, better, new and improved because he believes in me and loves me truly.  And in turn I have never believed in something more than our love and have never been prouder as I am today to be his wife


How did you keep within your budget? 

We had a six week honeymoon planned in Italy and Turkey, so as inexpensive as possible!  I did as much as I could myself to save dollars – the table settings, the menus etc.  And I called in favours from friends (if my friends are reading this, don’t worry – I have not forgotten that I owe you!)  There was a lot of op-shopping and a lot of rummaging through friends and families cupboards for wedding things.


What was your inspiration or theme for the day?

The theme of our wedding was “Sh*t We Like”, which made styling the day pretty easy really.  And luckily, the things we liked all seemed to go together quite well.  Which was a relief as I thought our wedding might look a bit like a fairy had puked all over the place!


What were your Save & Splurge items?

Save – the dress!  It was just one of those things really.  I don’t wear dresses and I didn’t really want to wear one.  I was also very annoyed at how expensive traditional dresses were and was really enjoying having tantrums when my Mum tried to make me try on poofy meringue looking things.  One day it just happened.  Lunch + wines + Charlie Brown sale rack = the dress!  I did have it altered a bit, but I got the dress for an absolutely sinful steal!

Splurge – the food and wine.  We spent quite a while matching the food with the local wines from the vineyard.  It wasn’t a chore, don’t get me wrong!  We wanted the best and boy, did Okurukuru deliver.


What music did you play for those special moments?

I had Scotland the Brave played on the bagpipes for when I walked down the aisle.  I’m a “make an entrance” kind of person, nothing like the hum and whine of bagpipes to get people’s attention!  The pipes were a nod to my heritage and to my grandmother and grandfather who weren’t there on the day.  Our wedding dance song was “I Guess That’s Why They Call It The Blues” by Elton John.  The Doc’s thing is interpretive dance, he pulls it out especially when I’m in a grump, I can’t help but laugh and feel cheerful when he’s doing Burning Ring of Fire.  He choreographed our first dance for the both of us to do together. The coolest thing was that while our guests laughed at our dancing, they sang along to the song like a tone deaf choir!  Naaaw!


In hindsight, is there anything that you would have done differently?

Do you know what – I wouldn’t do anything differently.  I’m not saying that our wedding was perfect, but it was perfect for us.


What advice would you give to future brides to be?

Love your friends!  Seriously.  Our wedding would have been a shambles, if it hadn’t been for the army of wonderwomen that turned up at 9am on the day and just did everything, without even being asked!  Oooh, that made me a little bit teary thinking about it….


What do you love most about being a MRS?

Being able to annoy the [email protected] out of the Doc for the rest of my life!  Actually, in all seriousness, there is a feeling that comes with being married.  It’s like a sense of security, I guess you could say.  The Doc and I are best mates, there is not a lot better for a woman’s peace of mind than having your fella stand up in front of your nearest and dearest and promise he will be around forever!



The A Team

Photography // My darling and most beautiful friend Natalie Morgan from Natalie Morgan Photography

Hair & Makeup //  Hair by the fabulous Melody at BeBaBo

Makeup // By my superclose chum and bridesmaid, Jenna Hitchcock from Beautique!

Flowers //  Sophie from Petal and Prickle

Cake //  Ourselves.  We bought massive cheese wheels, stacked them up and served it with port!

Brides Dress & Accessories //  Dress – Charlie Brown.  Shoes and accessories – Asos

Jewellery // Borrowed and blue 🙂

Bridesmaids Dresses & Accessories //  Dresses – Ruche,  Jewellery – Diva,  Shoes – Rubi

Grooms Suits & Accessories // Suit and Chuck Taylors from Barkers

Venue & Catering // Okurukuru Winery, New Plymouth

Invitations //  Amanda at Eyeprint