10 Reasons to Make Like Miley (crotch grabbing and wrecking ball aside)


The once lovely Miley Cyrus is getting a bit of a media bashing at the moment. It’s no surprise considering her recent behaviour, and I have no doubt that while poor mama and papa Cyrus are putting on a brave face, they (and we) are all wondering where and when she is going to end up in a straight jacket, and not for a photo shoot or crazy music video… a real one.

Crotch grabbing, mankini wearing and inappropriate twerking aside, I have to admit she did and still does rock some pretty fantastic hair and makeup, and surprisingly many are more than wedding worthy. So let’s go a little easy on the girl, she obviously inherited her fathers achy breaky heart, and I really, seriously hope that this extremely talented artist can find her not so skanky happy place.

Here are ten hair and makeup looks I like, both before and after the wrecking ball.

Rock on Miley. Just tone it down a little!

10 Reasons to Make Like Mileymiley pic

Have a mad like Miley Monday beautiful people xox