New Years Resolutions? Nope. Mantras? Heck Yes.

Well hello there beautiful people of 2014. How the heck was your holiday? Anyone get engaged (or married?) Anyone get ridiculously drunk and make as ass of themselves? Anyone a few kilos heavier after all that Ham and Pav? Whatever you did, ate, drunk, I promise I wont judge as chances are I did it too. Mwah ha ha.

While I admit that 2013 was cool bananas, I am hoping 2014 will be all that… and a bag of chips.

In approximately 4 days I will begin injecting myself with hormones that will inflate not only my ovaries but my emotional insanity and hopefully result in a pocket version of hubby and I. Oh baby!  I also have some exciting new changes up my sleeve for P&L all to be revealed in good time, and well I am simply over the moon that you are reading this because it means you are still following P&L. Damn you are the bestest!

Anywaysies, I have decided to flag the New Years resolutions this year (get fitter, eat healthier, achieve a zillion things… always the same, same but different) and I have instead replaced those stale promises with magnificent mantras (or reminders) to help me rock 2014. Enjoy.

Do you have a mantra or quote that stays with you through good times and bad?
I would love to hear it! xox

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