Carlene & Greg. A Magical Matakana Wedding by Sadie & Co. Photography

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I have never visited Matakana myself but after seeing so many amazing weddings held in the area I really need to check this place out! This stunning wedding photographed by the super kick ass Sadie & Co. is so beautifully classic with a subtle touch of vintage and that dress is stunning (especially loving the back!)

A massive congrats to Carlene & Greg on their fabulous day and a very special thank you to the talented Tania from Sadie & Co. for sharing these pretty pics with P&L. Enjoy!…

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I met Greg through one of my best friends.  She had just moved into a new flat and had said to me something along the lines of “You’ll probably like my new flatmate”.

When I actually met Greg I got so flustered and very embarrassed.  I took me ages (and I’m talking months) before I could actually have a conversation with Greg without grinning at him stupidly and being totally tongue-tied.  It was true love at first sight, which everyone thinks is a dream until it happens to you.

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Why did you say ‘YES’? 

Greg is the person that completes me and we share a lot of common passions, but he still recognises I am a little different!  We’ve been through a lot together, but I think we make each other stronger.  I feel it deep down in my soul that Greg is the one, and there was no question of not saying yes. Plus we’ve been together 9 years so the time was right!

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How did you decide on a budget?

Right at the very beginning we worked out what we thought we could spend, and then a realistic budget.  That way we knew what our limit was, didn’t get any unexpected surprises and still managed to have the wedding that we wanted.

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What was your inspiration or theme for the day? 

Our inspiration was to keep it simple but still beautiful, and more about us.  I really didn’t want to be fussing with detailed arrangements and spending ages on them the day before the wedding.  I decided on the style and flowers after we had booked the venue, as I knew that the venue was so nicely presented it wouldn’t need much.  A light blue, and royal blue ended up being our main colours kind of by accident.

It’s around me in my lifestyle a lot so guess I instinctively went in that direction.  My friend Maria is a florist and had some really cool ideas about what flowers to use in the bouquets, so let her go for it.  The bouquet was brilliant, the colours were spot on, and I really loved the button-holes.

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What were your Save & Splurge items?

We saved money on the music, and chose to make our own playlists which I spent a fair amount of time (ages!) putting together.  I also saved money on decorations, collecting the vases from work recycling and writing out all the place names and seating charts ourselves.

We chose to spend more on inviting who we wanted at our wedding.  We wanted to have all our friends and family there and not scrimp on the invite list –that was really important to us.

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What music did you play for those special moments?

My walking down the aisle song was ‘Lets forget all the things that you say’ by Julia Stone.

My friend Natasha sung her version of ‘Wonderful Tonight’ by Eric Clapton during the ceremony, and when we signed the registry it was to ‘Singing in my soul’ by Fly My Pretties.

Our first dance was ‘Ima’ by Breaks Co-Op.

In hindsight, is there anything that you would have done differently?

No, just rewind and live it all again!  Maybe there are some small details that we could have changed, but in the end nobody notices the things that you think aren’t perfect, so I have learnt not to sweat the small stuff.

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What advice would you give to future brides to be?

Don’t leave anything to the last minute –it’s never too early to start planning.

Always have a bad weather back-up plan for the wedding –the weather is one thing you can’t control.  Our ceremony was meant to be outside but it poured with rain, so it was moved to the covered patio area at our venue.  I didn’t need to worry or stress about it at all and it didn’t make any difference to our ceremony.

The best advice is what one of my best friends told me having just got married herself.   And this is in her own words; I really couldn’t say it any better:

“The day goes really fast and you won’t notice the details, so don’t sweat over them. I had a couple of moments in the evening when people asked how I was. Those moments made me stop, look around and acknowledge that I was having so much fun! Do try and stop yourself for a moment in all the craziness and pay attention to how happy you are and how much of a good time you are having. The stress and structure of the day ends quickly enough, stopping and letting yourself enjoy it sounds silly, but for me it means when I look back, it wasn’t a blur, it was a really fun day.”

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That I’ve joined some kind of special club?!  I feel so so so happy, and it makes me really proud to talk about Greg as my Husband!

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Photography // Sadie & Co.

Celebrant // Have to highly recommend our celebrant Bill Harman 

Rings // Diamond Design Goldsmith, Orewa

Flowers // Maria Morton-Jones, Maria’s Florist 

Hair & Makeup // (Bride, Bridesmaids and Mother-of-the-Bride) Amazing Rebecca, Rebecca Maree Hair and Makeup Stylist

Cake //  The beautiful yummy cake was by my Mum, who put a lot of time and effort into it, and followed our family’s traditional recipe

Brides Dress & Accessories // Dress and Hair piece from Felicitys Bridal. Dress is ‘Katerina’ from Only You Bridal collection by Jean Fox 

Accessories // Earrings from Vinka Design 

The bridal veil was my Mum’s from her wedding.  We were going to alter the length but she had kept it in such good condition that in the end we kept it exactly the same and it was really special to have it with me on my wedding day.  Maybe I will be able to hand it down to my daughter one day.

Bridesmaids Dresses & Accessories // Golden Gown, Albany 

Grooms Suits & Accessories // Suits from Barkers,  Cuff-links from Nicholas Jermyn, Newmarket.

Venue & Catering // Plume, the Vineyard Restaurant 

Invitations // Cocoa Berry 



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