10 Alternative Engagement Rings. Would You Wear Them?

While I can appreciate the beauty of a traditional engagement ring, personally they are not my cup of tea. While I happily wear my little vintage last minute purchase (we eloped) we have always been in agreement that when I found something that really rocked my world, we would save some mulah and make it happen. Today’s alternative rings are definitely a little different, and even if these ten ideas don’t really float your boat, check out the creatives that make them for the more subtle goodies in their range. Enjoy!

10 engagement rings 

one. Elyona // two. Debra Fallowfield // three. Kipkalinka Jewels
four. Arosha  // five. Design Masters // six. MyriamSOS  // seven. Ashley Hilton
eight. Design Masters // nine. Tessa Metcalfe  // ten. Grace Walters Design


  1. Arosha Taglia

    March 13, 2014

    Thank you for choosing our Crumpled Gold ring for your selections!
    We’re always for anything that is untraditional. Be unique!

  2. Jax

    March 12, 2014

    Hey hey Robyn, A huge congrats on your engagement and for choosing Ashley Hilton to make your rings!!! He is awesome with awesome sauce!
    You might also enjoy this post which is all about him. xox

  3. Robyn

    March 12, 2014

    Our wedding bands are from Ash Hilton! We aren’t really jewelry people, and especially since my engagement ring is quite blingy (not that I’d have it any other way), I was looking for something elegantly understated for our wedding bands. I was stoked to find Ash was in NZ and uses ethical materials, and my fiancé loved his designs also. 😀 Can’t wait to be wearing them in just a few short weeks!

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