11 Questions With Auckland Wedding Photographer & Total Inspiration QIANE!


Qiane is choice (say it like you did in the 80’s), and also the latest victim of my 11 question interrogation,  not only because she is choice (you love it), but she is an incredibly talented photographer who is totally rocking my world.

Pronounced Key-Ah-Ne, this fab lady is as unique as her name, and you only need to dance on over to her website to realise this woman is very clever, very cool and VERY in tune with the loved up couples she photographs.

This Auckland based wedding photographer has officially got the goods to rock your wedding day, but today I dig a little deeper to see what else makes her tick (alongside a few of her fabulous pics) Enjoy!

Qiane Photography

Describe yourself in 3 words…

I put this question to my Facebook friends, one common one was SMILEY but my fav 3 were – SOUL, HEART, TRUTH

Qiane Photography

What’s the best professional lesson you ever learned?

Trust yourself! Trusting my abilities, creativity, crazy ideas and direction is key… and has seen me through a pretty awesome career so far!

Qiane Photography

What was the last thing that gave you warm fuzzies?

Not sure warm fuzzies is the best way to describe it but one of my best experiences was watching my younger sister give birth to my gorgeous niece Leyton, then having snuggles with her at 1 hour old. Best. Feeling. Ever!

Qiane Photography

Who inspires you?

My late grandfather Joe was one of my biggest inspirations. He was a man who worked hard, looked after his family, served his community, and never asked for a single thing in return. His humility is something I have always admired.

I am also inspired a lot by my clients, their stories and relationships are so beautiful and often, in one way or another, have influence in my own life.

Qiane Photography

Describe your perfect day as a photographer.

Clients who choose me want relaxed, natural and beautiful images celebrating their relationship and they want me to document their day with an honest, real approach. They want to spend their day laughing, joking, crying, and rocking out with their friends and family, capturing everything from the soft, quiet moments to the crazy dance moves.

If I can start a day with an excited bride and groom, spend it documenting the laughter, tears and celebrations of them and their guests, then end it on the dance floor, it will be perfect!

Qiane Photography

Describe your perfect day off.

Anything that includes the beach or bush, a packet of green onion potato chips, pineapple juice and great company! hehe Although, just last week I had a day off and chopped all my hair off!! That was pretty fun, too.

Qiane Photography

Besides friends and family, what are three things you can’t live without?

Jandals, black forest chocolate & laughter.

Qiane Photography

What are you watching, reading and listening to right now?

Watching // Sons of Anarchy (it’s my Wednesday night addiction)

Reading // My ‘to do’ list! hopefully, if i ever get to the bottom, I’ll be able to start The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman.

Listening // I am a music nut, I have such a mixed bag of favourites its hard to put it down to one thing. I listen to them all, all the time! Bu,t on my “Most Played” iPod mix at the moment is a 90’s RnB mix, Matt Corby, Joss Stone, John Mayer, Tevin Campbell, The Temptations, Naked and Famous, Ria Hall, Maisey Rika, Ginny Blackmore, James Vincent McMorrow…

Qiane Photography

In Auckland, where do you like to eat, get coffee, shop?

I have just found Mama Loco at Sylvia Park, I love mexican and this place is delish.

I don’t drink coffee, but hot chocolate is pretty good at Luscious Cafe in Onehunga.

My husband and I have just finished building a house so my shopping of late has consisted of Bunnings Warehouse and Rogers Plant Nursury!

Qiane Photography

Looking back, what would you tell your 16 year old self?

Don’t stress, it’s all going to work out. In two years you are going to unexpectedly meet your soulmate, in 5 you are going to take on the magazine world, and in 12 you will be featured on Paper + Lace about your very own photography business!… It may not be the way you originally planned it, but life is going to be awesome!

p.s That 3/4 cargo pant and t-shirt combo you’ve got going on is really bad for your figure, throw them away now, in fact, burn them!

11 Questions With Auckland Wedding Photographer & Total Inspiration QIANE!

What is your favourite getaway location? why?

I love Aitutaki, it is paradise. A place where you can sit under a coconut tree and do absolutely nothing…plus, the locals are amazingly friendly, welcoming, and loving people!

Also, New York City. I love its energy, its culture, the shops, the FOOD, the NY way of life, it’s a very spunky place!


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