DIY Friday. 15 Wedding Worthy Ways With Balloons!

I was always the kid who jumped on balloons (it really is a bit of an art) and while family and friends may look on with disapproval, jumping on a balloon takes precision and a little luck, and then bang, the sound is priceless especially when scaring the crap out of innocent bystanders. While I might be a little destructive when it comes to balloons I can also appreciate them in their finer form (filled up) and if you have never spent a few hours sucking up helium, then you simply must add it to your bucket list. Even at 33 that shit is fun!

Today I give you fifteen ways to rock balloons at your wedding and if you are looking for places to buy them, I recommend heading over to dotsnspotsWish Lantern or Pixie Party Supplies. Enjoy!


one //  Cover em up! You would need to use Helium balloons with this idea yo!


two // fill em up with Helium, add some goodies to the bottom them let them float
up inside your venue. Image by Brumley & Wells. Found via Style Me Pretty.


three // The same steps as above but tie them to the backs of chairs! Very cool.
Check out the tutorial over on gorgeous blog Sweet Thing.


four // Awww little baby cake topper balloons. Check it out via Martha Stewart.


five // blow em up, some bigger than others, then tape em to the wall. I likey.


six // A little bit of ribbon or twine and a whole lot of Helium. Tie to the table yo!


seven // Anything that involves gold paint has me hooked. Find out how here.


eight // Love this balloon chandelier (no helium required!) Tie em & hang em!


nine // A great idea for a floating table centrepiece (giving you much more room
on the table!) Check out the whole tutorial here on Wedding Chicks.


ten // A baby balloon bubbles extravaganza. Courtesy of the kick ass Studio DIY.


eleven // Tie died awesomeness via cute blog Julep. Check it all out here.


twelve // This has to be one of my favourite ideas! Find out how via Studio DIY.


thirteen // More Studio DIY magic with gold paint splattered balloons here.


fourteen // I likey the idea of scribbling on balloons. Diy via Studio DIY of course!


fifteen // Spell it out. The date or your new initials, this idea is fancy pants indeed!
Find out how over at none other than Studio DIY (does this woman ever stop!!??)


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