DIY FRIDAY. It’s a total lemon (or two)

Holy crapola is it really Friday again? Time is freaken flying by and today is a very special day indeed. Anzac Day. I guess I should be doing a DIY post on poppies. But the truth is that would make me sad. As selfish as that may sound, Anzac day not only reminds me of what our soldiers sacrificed for our country all those years ago, but also of my granddad Wally who passed away a few years ago now, who I still miss and think of often. So today I skipped the expected theme for something bright & colourful (and apparently great for weight loss) the good ole lemon.

I must admit that I have been a little smitten with all things yellow lately. Maybe I am still clinging on to summer (well those few nice days we did have). Maybe I am just bonkers… yep that is probably it. Anyway, here are some sweet ideas for decorating your day with lemons. Enjoy.


DIY Wedding Ideas with Lemons

Lemon place cards.

Print, cut and insert (then squeeze later) Image via Edmonton Wedding

DIY Wedding Ideas with Lemons

Boozy Peach Lemonade.

A very refreshing drink idea! Learn how to make via Style Me Pretty.

DIY Wedding Ideas with Lemons

Lemon Ceremony Backdrop.

String em up among a little greenery. If you are using real lemons you might need
to literally sew them in or break out the hot glue gun. Image via Pinterest.

DIY Wedding Ideas with Lemons

Sliced Lemon Vases.

This also looks great with whole lemons but the sliced uses less lemons and
gives off a nice scent. You could also do this with limes! Image via Wed Book.

DIY Wedding Ideas with Lemons

Sweeten your cake with Lemon.

Whether you have a lemon flavoured cake or simply decorate with
lemons, this idea is so easy (and so purrty) Image via Magnolia Rouge.

DIY Wedding Ideas with Lemons

Lemon Scrub yo’ self smooth.

This beautifully simple tutorial over at one of my favie design blogs Cocorrina,
is a great favour idea or a sweet gift for your bridesmaids. Learn how here.

When life hands you lemons, make a gin & tonic.




  1. Jax

    April 25, 2014

    Aw indeed! I had never thought of it too until I stumbled across the lemon place names. A pretty sweet idea huh!!!

  2. Sam

    April 25, 2014

    So very pretty, would never have picked lemon as a ‘theme’ but this looks absolutely beautiful and so different.

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