Nisha & Todd. A Paris Engagement Shoot by Alexa Loy

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I LOVE the work of local photographer Nisha Ravji, but it is certainly a treat to see her in front of the camera with the one she loves (yes this super talented lady is a real human being!)

Today’s sweet love story is captured by the very cool UK based photographer Alexa Loy (check out her fab video below!) and the Groom-to-be Todd has given us the lowdown on their love story, and how to propose to a photographer (and capture it at the same time!) And who doesn’t love a love story set in Paris! Sigh.

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I met Nisha when we were both 10 years old. We went to the same schools and even had the same first job. Towards the end of High school, we finally got together and went off to the same University too. I first knew Nish was amazing when out of nowhere she offered to lend me some money to buy a Led Zeppelin CD. The rest is History.

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I proposed in Paris in a nice secluded alleyway in MontMarte. I was carrying the ring with me and I was going to do it in front of the Arc De Triomphe, but didn’t because there were waaaay to many people around. Nisha is a huge french art fan and the province is home to a few of her favourite artists. We were travelling with our two good friends Tim and Nicole, who of course Nisha photographs constantly.

She was busy posing and photographing them and I suggested that we also get a picture and she handed the picture to Tim who of course captured the whole moment. Seeing as Nish is a photographer I thought it would be fitting to have photos of the exact moment we got engaged.

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We returned to Paris for our engagement session, Paris is only an hour and a half away from London (where we currently live) so we thought we’d pop over for the weekend. When we first made the move to London Nisha contacted a photographer whom she loved – Alexa Loy and was thrilled when she got an email back! 

The two of them fast formed a friendship so it was natural when we asked Alexa to photograph our engagement session. She is one of the warmest people I’ve ever met and this really shows through in her photos, which are full of life, love and colour. After being constantly photographed alone by Nisha when we travel, it was such a nice change to be photographed together.

To get these amazing photos that almost radiate love at the end was one of the best feelings, I still have one of Alexa’s photos as my desktop background so I can look at it every day. We are so excited to have her coming from the UK next summer to capture our NZ Wedding too. 

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behind the lens



And don’t forget to check out the perfect portfolio of one of my favie local photographers, the insanely talented (and totally gorgeous) Nisha Ravji.