DIY Friday // A little something for the homies.

I am a lazy blogger. While I have a couple of diy projects I am a little bit proud of, I am hesitant to take photos of my crafting (or concrete mixing) as no doubt the images would never do my projects justice… mwah ha ha KIDDING, seriously my pics would only highlight the flaws. And so I prefer to showcase the sweet skills of others in the diy world, knowing that it’s a win/win for all. Original content? Meh. Still inspiring? Hell yes.

And while I am ALL about wedding diy, today I wanted to share a little something for the homies. Sometimes we need a break from all things wedding, and pimping your pad is sure to get you re-inspired for some big day arts and crafts. Enjoy beautiful people xox


>> Get those messy bowls up of the floor (& looking stylish!) with this diy from
Yellow Brick Home. Use shorter legs for smaller furry family members <<


>> Create these brass nut candleholders with a quick visit to your diy store << Can’t find brass? Buy any colour you can find and spray paint.


>> Channel your inner Martha Stewart with this easy peasy spray paint project <<


>> Update or create a pretty & practical pouf with the help of Kristi Murphy <<


>> Create a table top masterpiece with the tutorial by Oh Happy Day << P.S You could also use this technique on plain curtains!


>> Craft this easy Man Made concrete fire pit for cooler nights on the deck <<


>> Make the coolest bedside tables I have ever seen over at Merry Thought <<


>> Add a pop of colour to your wooden utensils with this 10 minute diy << P.S Tape rather than dip to use less paint and shorten drying times


>> Pimp your bedroom with a diy Headboard by Thrifty Decor Chick <<

love diy