Laura & Nathan. A Gorgeous Garden Wedding by Greta Kenyon Photography

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“When Laura & Nathan got married there was a lot of rain and a lot of love. Rain is never ideal on a wedding day, especially when that wedding is an outdoor garden wedding. But there was twice as much love as rain, so love won on this day. And it was actually a lot of fun all cramming into garden potting sheds and the like to do photos and running from location to location under umbrellas and getting wet. really wet. But always laughing, always having fun and always putting love, good times and friendship first. This was one of those weddings that leaves a smile on your face for days, these guys were crazy, up for anything and quite possibly the most fun bridal party ever.”


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How did your love story begin?

12 years ago when I used to work at retail store in a mall, this handsome man would walk past every Thursday last night. We continued to lock eyes for months then one night me and several girlfriends were out at a local club where he was. A friend decided to push me into him and the rest is history.

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What was your inspiration or theme for the day?

I have an eclectic style and taste however I think the venue streamlined my theming. I wanted to be classic, raw and earthly with a glam vintage element started with my dress colour then choose all my flowers with my florist Shaye from ON MY HAND Props, Styling & Flora. We worked on moss like colours, peaches, whites and plenty of greens and succulents. Lots of Gold touches throughout the day which all them pulled back into the save the dates and invites…

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Why did you say ‘YES’? 

I think you know when you can’t imagine your life without that person. Nathan feels like home to me. Life is not boring and he puts up with my crazy lifestyle and truly balances me. He wants me to chase my dreams.

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What music did you play for those special moments?

Pre ceremony James Vincent Mc Morrow, Higher Love //  Angus and Julia Stone, Mango Tree // Bon Iver, Skinny Love Walking down the Isle The Beatles, Here comes the Sun Walking out Vance Joy, Ripe tide While we were having photos We had a harp playing various covers playing Walking into reception Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros, Home Reception Elton John // Red Hot chilli peppers // EZ // Alt J // Fleetwood Mac – WE LOVE THEM! // Haim // Frank Ocean // The Beatles! // Eagles // Bob Marley // Major laser // Boy and Bear // Van Morrison // The Great Gatspy // Flume

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Did you stick to your budget?

My aim was to sick under $35k however with my taste and styling towards the end I didn’t care I just wanted it to be lasvish and didn’t want to look back and think “I wish I did this” I BLEW my budget significantly but I wouldn’t change it for the world.I was lucky because I have always been creative I have a lot of creative talented people around me so I got friends involved in the DIY side and saved money on the frilly things.

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What were your Save & Splurge items?


On Chairs, plates, prop hire as one of my dearest friends from ON MY HAND Props, Styling & Flora had a lot of stock I used that fitted with my vision // We saved money on the boys suits and shoes (Online shopping was a blessing… go ASOS) // Our Cake was done by a dear family friends it was an art piece // Transport – we had friends ask around for Kombisand just gave the drive some beer and money for taking us // MC – We used one of my oldest family friend’s to MC he was great // Venue was also a friends shed and property // Weddings are great as soon as you say you’re getting married people want to help!


On the drinks and food. My family are big foodies and love good quality wine so we spent a lot on champagne, Wine and beer // The dress lace is expensive…

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In hindsight, is there anything that you would have done differently?

No if I could have changed the weather for the few hours.

What advice would you give to future brides to be?

Be organised make sure the day before you don’t have to do too much and make sure you take up people wanting to help you. Have a run sheet with all contact numbers on there and make sure everyone knows your wet weather plan. ENJOY your day sit back and take it all in. If something goes wrong stuff it you have all your fave people around you and I kept saying to myself don’t be nervous all you fave people are here and everyone if healthy!

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What do you love most about being a MRS?

Not much has changed I just feel like we are a little team and are working towards out goals and dreams it’s so lovely.

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Photographer The fabulous Greta Kenyon from Greta Kenyon Photography with Estrada Photography second shooting www.estrada-photography.com | Planner/Stylist Myself and my friend Shaye from On My Hand Props, Styling & Flora | Flowers Shaye at On My Hand Props, Styling & Flora – best ever | Hair & Makeup Done by my beautiful friends – Anita, Kerrie, Nickie  and Kerry | Cake Family friend Merle Geros | Grooms Suits & Accessories Rodger David and ASOS | Catering Global Cuisine Tauranga – Best food I have ever eaten! | Invitations Helen at “A Pocket Full Of Sunshine” Australia