Mood Board // Dark Winter Berry

cropped-HEADERS-Oct-08If I was to get married again (and don’t get me wrong, I love my husband and I loved our day) I would absolutely, 100% consider a winter wedding this time ’round. There’s just something so blimmin’ romantic about long lace sleeves, low lit venues with roaring fires and the luxurious deep reds and purples of our colder months.

Take this morning for example – a fine Waikato start to the day, complete with  lingering fog. You can just image the ethereal, mysterious photos as the couple emerge from the mist, huh? Pair that with fur stoles, mulled wine and tablescapes styled with pheasant feathers and you’ve got yourself one heck of a cosy winter wedding!

Yup brides, don’t just jump straight into looking into bookings for December through to February I reckon, take the time to mull over our Autumn and Winter months for something a bit different (and cheaper, I hear…!).

Here’s a bit of winter berry, deep texture and colour inspiration to get you started x

Dark Berry Moodboard

Image Source // Flowers // Cake // Feather //  Dream (pinterest) // Ring (pinterest) // Couple


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