11 A.M.A.Z.I.N.G Wedding dresses from Julie Vino


Ok so I am all about buying a gorgeous dress on a budget but todays fabulous gowns start at $1500 NZD and I am ok with that. If splashing out on your dress is a no brainer then Julie Vino is here to inspire. I love the unique detailing and va voom factor, each dress crafted to enhance your curves in ALL the right places!

While these dresses cannot yet be purchased in New Zealand (waaaa) if you are heading to the U.S, Canada or Europe (or know someone who is and doesn’t mind travelling with extra luggage) then you can easily get measured up for your perfect match. Otherwise they provide pretty amazing inspiration for any bride, and it sure does help define your style favies for shopping here in NZ.  Check out all of Julies dresses HERE.

Note: Julie Vino dresses cannot be bought online, if you see one listed as such, it is a fake.

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Looking for a dress with a little less mulah? Check out the new SHOP section on P&L.
All dresses shown can be shipped to NZ and returned if they don’t rock your world.

Have a fabulicious day beautiful people xox