3 Reasons why you should have an engagement shoot like this! A stunning session from Anne Paar Photography

Anne Paar Wedding Photography_0004

[dropcap letter=”I”] love the simplicity of today’s gorgeous engagement shoot. A beautiful lakeside location and a couple in love, what more could you need! Of course an incredible photographer helps, which is where the talented Anne Paar Photography comes in to work her magic. I cannot recommend having an engagement shoot enough! Why?…

Firstly it helps you get to know your photographer, because when you are investing your money into something so important it makes sense to be sure they are the right fit for you.

Secondly it is a fantastic opportunity to practice your poses and find out which shots are the most flattering (you will be surprised as to what kind of images you love the most)

Thirdly it is a great chance to create a save the date or wedding invite using your photo! Check out some fantastic ideas over at Minted.

My tip: Wear something that reflects your personality but also compliments each other. Notice how the couple below are dressed in similar tones. You likey?

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behind the lens


“While I was in The Netherlands I photographed this lovely couple Niki and Patrick in the beautiful forest of Brabant. My dad and I would usually bike through it and I always wanted to photograph there. And so I was super happy to hear Niki and Patrick wanted to have their couple photos taken here. We just started walking in an unknown direction, got a little bit lost and ended up at a beautiful lake, that was surrounded by trees. 

The location was just beautiful and the cool thing was that it could have been anywhere in the world; New Zealand, Canada, France…but instead it was in one of the most dense countries in the world. Niki and Patrick had chosen their clothes well. Although with Niki being a fervent clothes shopper, I don’t think Patrick had anything to do with it ;-)”

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