DIY Christmas inspiration with 5 alternative tree ideas

Ok so I know P&L is a wedding blog but with Christmas just around the corner, I couldn’t help but get a little distracted on Pinterest with some clever diy tree ideas (that are not actually trees). If you are looking for something a little different this year these ideas may just float your boat! Enjoy!…


This plywood tree is so easy to make. Take two pieces of ply, draw your design on one then get it cut (you could do all this at Bunnings and bat your eyelids at the boys in store to cut for you!) then use the 1st piece to draw out the second. THEN if you don’t want to put together with brackets you cut a slot the thickness of the ply from the top on one piece so that the other slides inside. (if this doesn’t make sense take the picture with you)

Source: Varpunen


I am going to make one of these out of driftwood to sit on our deck this year. Now to find someone who will help me collect the driftwood!? While this tree will take a little patience it is well worth the effort. To make the base, drill a hole in the wood blog big enough to fit your stake then glue the wood to a concrete tile so that it doesn’t fall over! Then drill holes through each piece of drift wood and finally up through the bottom of the last piece to make the top!

Source unknown


The most affordable option (ask at Bunnings or places that pack large items for some cardboard!) and then poke through your holes and add the fairy light heads. Ho ho ho!

Source: Time For Deco


This planter stand has been wrapped in fairy lights, and would look amazing after Christmas in your garden (get the outdoor solar fairy lights) Seriously, it is that easy!!!

Source: Buzzfeed


So simple, and perfect for a house with minimal space, this fairy light tree could go on any wall (although you get to draw on a blackboard wall) and is such an effective way to get in the Christmas mood without the clutter.There are so many different fairy lights available at Kmart and The Warehouse you will be spoilt for choice. If hubby wont let you bang little nails in the wall, grab some small 3M clips which you can easily remove after Christmas!

Source: Ikea

Have a fabulicious Friday beautiful people xox