21 Wedding Worthy Headpieces Starting at $12

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Today I have been seriously craving some retail therapy, so it sure is lucky for hubby that…

a. I live 35 minutes from the nearest shops.

b. He has the credit card hidden away in the ‘wifey will never find it here’ hiding place (trust me, I have searched high and low on desperate occasions).

Anyway he can’t keep me off the internet (sucker) and so today I went looking for gorgeous affordable goodies that you could snap up for you or your bridesmaids. Can you believe the above headpiece is less than $17? Woop woop! 

Happy shopping beautiful people xox

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Rock ‘N Rose Alexa Hydrangea Masquerade Veil NZD$ 60.07

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ASOS Pretty Flower Hair Garland NZD$ 37.28

image1xxl (2)
ASOS Garden Flower Hair Garland NZD$ 29.00

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ASOS Flower Fascinator Hair Clip With Draping Chain NZD$ 37.28

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ASOS White Rose Hair Garland NZD$ 37.28

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ASOS Festival All Over Hair Crown NZD$ 37.28

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Johnny Loves Rosie Amari Floral Garland NZD$ 58.00

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Designsix Gold Leaf Chain Headband NZD$ 24.86

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ASOS Floral & Chain Back Alice Band NZD$ 45.57

image1xxl (7)
Designsix Pearl Drop Hair Chain NZD$ 20.71

image1xxl (9)
Rock ‘N Rose Seren Oversize Peony Floral Headband NZD$ 78.71

image1xxl (10)
New Look Mega Glam Tikka Headband NZD$ 16.55

image1xxl (11)
ASOS Holographic Flower Hair Clip NZD$ 24.86

image1xxl (12)
Love Rocks Statement Hair Crown with Diamante Drop NZD$ 72.50

image1xxl (13)
ASOS Dark Floral Hair Garland NZD$ 24.86

image1xxl (14)
New Look Pearl Drape Tikka Headband NZD$ 14.48

image1xxl (18)
Love Rocks Statement Drop Hair Crown NZD$ 72.50

image1xxl (11)
ASOS Leaf Bun Holder NZD$ 16.57

image1xxl (22)
ASOS Mini Paper Flowers Hair Grip NZD$ 12.43

image1xxl (23)
ASOS Filigree Hair Chain NZD$ 16.57

ASOS Summer Mixed Flower Hair Garland NZD$ 29.00