Feathers by the Sea. Moody, magical, on trend wedding inspiration captured by My Heart Follows Photography

Moody, magical and super romantic, today’s ethereal sea-side shoot is chocca with wedding inspiration and I am in love with the gold, grey and soft earthy hues which are definitely on trend for 2015. Thank you to all of the talented team behind the scenes for sharing these gorgeous pics with us. Read on for the sweet inspiration behind the day…

Styling Confetti Love Boutique | Photography My Heart Follows Photography | Props The Pretty Prop Shop | Styling Kila’s Style
Designer Lady Roar Boutique | Makeup + Hair Janene, Hearts-a-Flutter | Hair Assistant Yvonne, Confetti Love Boutique | Wedding Stationery The Creativist | Rings Seventy Six Design


Inspiration for the shoot came from the gorgeous feathered caplet found while window shopping. Having shot recently at Bethells Beach, “Feathers by the Sea” was our excuse to head back there.

A collaboration with new fashion designer Lady Roar, and fashion stylist Kila’s Style we put together a beautifully moody shoot combining the flightiness of feathers that complemented the beautiful gold cutlery + plates from The Pretty Prop Shop. Our “bride” wore beautifully handcrafted rings made by Seventy Six Design and a delicate gold DIY crown made by Confetti Love Boutique.

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Styling Confetti Love Boutique
Photography My Heart Follows Photography
Props The Pretty Prop Shop
Styling Kila’s Style
Designer Lady Roar Boutique
Makeup + Hair Janene, Hearts-a-Flutter
Hair Assistant Yvonne, Confetti Love Boutique
Wedding Stationery The Creativist
Rings Seventy Six Design