10 Reasons you should consider using a wedding planner or stylist (including actually saving YOU money!)

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Until a few years ago I thought that to hire a planner or stylist for your wedding day meant you were either a celebrity or incredibly well off (I guess we can blame hollywood chick flicks for that), but it wasnt until a friend who lives in Melbourne hired a planner/stylist to organise her Queenstown wedding that I realised I was not only wrong, but apart from reducing the stress and planning time of their wedding, this planner/stylist actually SAVED THEM MONEY and they came in UNDER their original budget (including the cost of the planner/stylist).

There are probably many brides to be who have the same preconception that I did, so I’m share with us 10 reasons to consider using a wedding planner book or stylist. Enjoy!

Reason #1.

You deserve everything to be perfect on your big day

You spend months and months (and sometimes years) on planning your wedding day to the very last intricate detail, you deserve your day to go exactly according to plan and play out exactly to how you had imagined. The wedding day its self goes by so quickly. It’s a cliché to say but the day ‘flashes before your eyes’ and I always like to say to my brides that they need to stop, breath and enjoy every minute of this day.

Reason #2.

They will help you stick to your budget & save money

It’s so easy to get carried away with spending your money when it comes to the wedding. It is our job to stick to your wedding budget and make suggestions as to where less or money can be spent. We know the industry like the back of our hands and so we also know where your wedding won’t be impacted by the overall look and feel of your day by spending less on some items so that you can get ‘That Extra Something’ you have been dreaming about.

Reason #3.

They will find you the best suppliers suited to YOUR wedding

There are so many suppliers out there and it often so daunting that you don’t know where or who to even start talking to. You also don’t know if they are ripping you off and taking you for a ride. With the help of a wedding planner, we are able to sift through the rubbish and find the perfect supplier to suit your wedding style and your wedding budget. We also know how to work and negotiate with them in order to maximise your money spent.

Reason #4.

Take the stress away from dealing with suppliers (many of them)

It can get a little crazy dealing with half a dozen suppliers or so and each one needing something a little different from you and so you feel like you are being pulled in different directions. The wedding planner can streamline things for you and so all you need to then do is deal with your wedding planner and communicate ONCE to them what it is you want and leave the rest up to them to sort out. The planner can also pay your suppliers for you, they can manage deposits, full payments and ensure all items are delivered on time on the day!

Reason #5.

Your wedding planning should be an enjoyable experience

If you know you are already a bit of a stress pot or you know your workload coming up is a big, it is a good idea to ask for help and let you planner worry about the details of getting things done. Go on and have some fun and let your planner take the worry off your shoulders.

Reason #6.

You are planning an ‘Out of Town’ wedding

So many of my couples are overseas and are returning ‘Home’ to get married and for this reason a Wedding Planner is the perfect solution. They have someone on the ground to be their eyes and ears for them. Regular Skype calls with your planner allows you that interaction with them and open communication and you still get to dream up your most beautiful day.

Reason #7

You don’t have the time

Our lives are so busy these days and if you’re in a job that takes up a lot of your time, you may not have the dedicated time you’d like to spend on planning your wedding. Your planner can really help and assist with streamlining your planning process and keep you on track with the progress.

Reason #8

You can’t be in two places at once

As much as you think you can do it all on the day, it’s really virtually impossible. With all that is happening on the day the last thing you want to be doing is running between your ceremony and reception and trying to have your Hair & Make Up done too. You don’t want to look and feel like you’ve run a mile before you’ve even walked down the aisle.

Reason #9

Your family & friends are not wedding planners/stylists

Friends and family are fabulous and are always willing to lend a hand but they are not your wedding planners and so they therefore will probably not have the eye for detail you would want or expect. It’s a lot of pressure to ask of them and at some stage of the day, they too will have to get ready to attend the wedding, so you don’t want them to rush through it either.

Reason #10

Your wedding venue is not your wedding planner/stylist

Your venue may often come with a coordinator but always keep in mind that they are there for the venue only and to ensure that that is coordinated and executed well. It is not their job to run after late suppliers and fine tune the smaller details of wedding.


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    December 18, 2015

    Hi Shona, it was Laura Larsson from Mint Events! She is amazing! http://www.mintevents.co.nz

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    December 18, 2015

    Hi there, wondering who the planner is that your friend used in Queenstown?

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