Sequin Dreams. Wedding Inspiration For The Alternative Bride by Hello Miss Lovely

Oh my, how excited am I (seriously f’n excited) to feature this yummy shoot by one of my favourite international photographers Hello Miss Lovely. Like a kid in a candy store, I am hypnotised by the colours, the sparkle, the beauty and I reckon if you could eat this post it would taste like candy floss, sherbet and crackle and pop candy all rolled into one (mmm someone should totally invent that!) Anyway, if you are an alternative bride and are thinking about getting married in a sequin dress, well I am pretty sure you will be 100% convinced to go for it after seeing these pics. Enjoy!

From photographer Autumn, HELLO MISS LOVELY

Between my lovely model, her sequined gown, and her rainbow locks, there is so much AWESOMENESS and PRETTINESS in these stunning bridal portraits below! My lovely friend, Kaylyn Weir, rocked these shots in her rad sequin gown from Nasty Gal. Seriously, its drop-dead gorgeous! I love the fun-edgy risk to these as bridal portraits! Who says you have to wear a white gown to get married?!

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