PRE-WEDDING PAMPER ‘Pearly Whites’ for a ‘White Wedding’

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Every bride-to-be anticipates her magical wedding day and the exchange of vows with her dashing husband to be. It’s a woman’s Cinderella moment, the one day the world revolves around her and not only does she look dazzling beyond words, she herself feels the most beautiful she has ever felt.

Image: Clipic Photography & Video

Ahhhhhhhhh……If only I could revisit that day!

Most brides dedicate a huge portion of their attention to ‘the dress’ and how they will look on their eventful day. I wore an ivory-white, french lace, wedding dress and one of the first things I noticed was how wearing white diminished the brightness of my smile.

The wedding gown may be the main act, but one of the highlights that will take centre stage on a brides magical day is her smile.

For me I made it a non-negotiable to seek out the best in the biz to help me achieve pearly whites for my dream white wedding.

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I found Terri on my Facebook feed via The White Smile Company. I spent about an hour looking through her images and reading the straight to the point, no-bullshit info she provided on her page.

I was alarmed to discover that my perception of what teeth whitening was, was far from accurate.

What I have learnt from my ‘Teeth Whitening’ experience…

The most common myths about teeth whitening you will hear mostly centres around sensitivity or how painful the procedure is. I would be lying if I hadn’t heard some shocker stories, and unfortunately its those stories and often exaggerated truths that resonate over the majority of clients who have had no pain whatsoever during the procedure. Sensitivity in a nutshell occurs when the laser used for whitening opens and enlarges the pores of our teeth, exposing delicate tissue from nerves which can activate hypersensitivity. This feeling wears off around 12-24 hours post treatment. Its important to remember this doesn’t happen to everyone and that if pain does occur symptoms are temporary.

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Terri from The White Smile Company taking an impression of my teeth for my custom made whitening trays.

During our consultation Terri provided us with some informative pre-treatment tips and tricks that she explained would help combat any sensitivity issues that may arise during treatment. I had zero sensitivity, my husband however was exposed to mild sensitivity for several hours, in small sporadic moments, that lasted several seconds at a time. Isaac (hubby) explained the discomfort was worth the nearly 8 shades his teeth whitened, and may I say what a gorgeous difference it made!

Image: Clipic Photography & Video

My teeth whitened a whole 5 shades brighter, Quite amazing when you take into consideration that I have already had my teeth whitened once before, Im a coffee addict, additionally a red wine drinker and still, my teeth achieved outstanding whitening results.

Image: Clipic Photography & Video

Ecstatic with the outcome of our procedures, and wanting to maintain our results, hubby and I decided to get custom whitening trays made up. Using the trays has boosted our results and will help prolong the colour we achieved.

In the past teeth whitening cost me a shocking $500. The White Smile Company are ridiculously affordable and I earnestly encourage bride-to-be’s to contact Terri for a consultation. One Hour Advanced Beyond Laser Teeth Whitening is ONLY $175 (Normally $349) and all treatments include a free consultation.

Terri from The White Smile Company travels throughout most of New Zealand so it is simply a matter of getting in touch with her to find out when she is next in your area!

Looking back at my wedding photos I am happy and content. My decision to whiten my teeth was a superb choice and only I will really understand the confidence a bright smile gave me that day.

So would I recommend you try it before the big day? ABSOLUTELY! Bride or not, white teeth are a sign of good health and makes a smile much more attractive.

The White Smile Company has quite a descriptive and educational Facebook page. It was quite enlightening going through their page and finding all the A’s to my Q’s alongside cheerful testimonies from very appreciative and happy clients.

I’d like to thank Terri for her amazing work! Isaac and I are thrilled with our incredibly noticeable, whiter, brighter smiles.

Have you ever tried teeth whitening? What were the results like?


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  1. Jessica Emmerson

    June 6, 2015

    I highly advocate for the use of natural remedies vs gels or strips or any of that stuff, I know it seems easy to get caught up with the whole “get whiter teeth fast” stuff but simply put that the only way to really achieve long lasting results is to build a strong foundation, that includes things like eating healthier, drinking lots of water and avoiding acidic drinks, I’m not saying pull a 180 and completely change your lifestyle but start out taking it slow, like for example start drinking those acidic drinks through straws to start, also the most important step is to be consistent, don’t do it for a week and go back to your bad habits, otherwise your teeth will go back to looking the way they did, if you need help setting up a routine read this page here this place really helped me get into gear to achieving some healthy whiter teeth, anyways thanks for your post

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