A Magical Middle Earth Hobbiton Wedding by Tinted Photography

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OK so today you are in for a middle earth treat! A first for P&L, today’s couple Simon & Anita said ‘I do’ in Hobbiton, the hobbit village featured in Lord Of The Rings. The setting is out of this world and the bride’s unique dress fits perfectly into the vibe of their venue! I am in love with the romantic fantasy element of this day, and congratulate Simon & Anita on creating a wedding so beautifully unique.

A huge thank you to the talented Ben & Sirjana from TINTED PHOTOGRAPHY for sharing these fab pics with us, you two are too cool for school. xox

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Who Simon Gaunt (Sales Manager) & Anita Kelly Gaunt nee Spaans (Early Childhood Teacher)
When 24th January 2015
Where Hobbiton, Middle Earth, Matamata, NZ

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How did you meet?

We first met in February 2011 at the Hillcrest Childcare Centre. I had just started work there as a teacher, which coincidentally is where Semiramis (Simon’s daughter) was enrolled. Simon caught my eye in a way I knew was probably not appropriate for the teacher/parent scenario we were in. There was something about him; his manner, his charisma that drew me to him. Meeting him made going to work all the more exciting. I would anticipate him coming in to drop off his daughter or pick her up at the end of the day. I’d get butterflies when I saw his car pull up into the car park. I made a point of always trying to engage him in conversation, and he in turn tried to show off to me through Semiramis, getting her to recite things they’d practiced at home. I felt a spark from the start but had no idea that it would lead anywhere!

Tell us the one quality you love most about each other?

Anita I love Simon’s unwavering loyalty – it is a quality that allows him to give strength to others; it makes him a completely reliable, trustworthy and honest person who I know I can always count on. We are there for each other always.

Simon Anita is the most gentle, caring person in the world. She works hard and always puts others first.

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In three words describe your wedding style…

Magical, traditional, intimate

What was the biggest cost for your wedding?

A large portion of our budget was spent on the venue – but it was well worth the expense. Hobbiton provided us with exceptional service and ensured our guests had an amazing time and were well looked after. The location was unique and a treat for all to behold. It certainly added a touch of magic to the day. After the ceremony our guests went on a guided tour around the movie set which allowed us (the bridal party) to go and take photos before the reception.

Hobbiton also catered the event, and provided themed table setting (candles, fresh posies from the garden) which added to the atmosphere and authenticity of the Green Dragon. Ultimately, we got a lot of value for money and the service was phenomenal. Shayne was great to communicate with and the team did a fantastic job on the day to ensure it was how we wanted, and ran smoothly.

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Did you DIY? If so what did you do?

Yes we did do some DIY. I had help from Chiki Designs with designing the wedding invitations. Lisa printed all the various components of the invitations but a bridesmaid and I put them together one morning.

The name cards for the tables and the gift bags that we gave to each of our guests were also put together by myself. It was a matter of assembling what we needed and putting it all together. It was actually quite fun.

Where did you go for you honeymoon and why?

We will be leaving for Japan over Easter, to spend 12 days in Tokyo. Simon travels to Japan every year to train (in martial arts) but he hasn’t explored much further than the dojo. This seemed like a good opportunity to do both – some sightseeing/day trips away together with some training thrown in the mix. Japan is beautiful, traditional, historical and full of culture. Simon has friends over that way that we would love to catch up with and it’s looking to be a great time away.

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Do you have any tips or tricks for engaged couples?

Sit down and talk about the kind of wedding you want before you get started. Set your budget, make sure it is realistic and that you are on the same page.

Write lists! Tick things off when they are complete. Keep track of your records, deposits paid, deadlines etc.

It’s all in the details! Make sure you have a thorough running order of the day and that everyone knows what they are doing.  And ON the day, make sure you take a breath and enjoy it!

What do you love most about being married?

I love how nothing has changed! I have to actively remind myself that I am a married woman… when the only difference is an extra ring on my finger. I have to get used to saying “my husband” instead of “my partner” and I also have to remind myself that my name is different now. I love being married – nothing has changed but at the same time EVERYTHING has changed. Inside I feel complete and looking forward to our future life together.

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