A Gorgeous DIY Garden Wedding by Sadie & Co

Ooooh there are some gorgeous details in today’s wedding. The beautiful diy stationery made by the bride (um… clever!), that Rue de Siene dress with the added stunning back necklace, the Bridesmaids in black jumpsuits (I freaken LOVE this!), the stunning floral crowns by Roses Florist, the Grooms quirky pocket square, the ‘how did they do that?’ cake by Florabunda Cakes and the diy animal table decorations (very cool!) just to name a few!

All beautifully captured by the talented Tania Eves from Sadie & Co (who also owns the fancy pants Photokombi which is a must for any wedding in the north!) Enjoy xox

Sadie & Co. Wedding Photography_0002Sadie & Co. Wedding Photography_0001Sadie & Co. Wedding Photography_0003Sadie & Co. Wedding Photography_0004Sadie & Co. Wedding Photography_0005

Who Scott Hay & Victoria Arundel

When 28th March 2105

Where Coatesville Hall

Budget We always aimed to spend under 30,000 and came in under by a whisker!

Sadie & Co. Wedding Photography_0006Sadie & Co. Wedding Photography_0007Sadie & Co. Wedding Photography_0008Sadie & Co. Wedding Photography_0009Sadie & Co. Wedding Photography_0010Sadie & Co. Wedding Photography_0011Sadie & Co. Wedding Photography_0012Sadie & Co. Wedding Photography_0013Sadie & Co. Wedding Photography_0014Sadie & Co. Wedding Photography_0015Sadie & Co. Wedding Photography_0016Sadie & Co. Wedding Photography_0017Sadie & Co. Wedding Photography_0023Sadie & Co. Wedding Photography_0018Sadie & Co. Wedding Photography_0024Sadie & Co. Wedding Photography_0025Sadie & Co. Wedding Photography_0026

How did you meet?

We both grew up in Coatesville and our families got to know each other through the local play centre. Scotts younger brother is the same age as I am and we’ve been mates since play centre days, Then Scott and i got together when I was 19 and Scott was 24.

Tell us the one quality you love most about each other?

Tori I love how loyal Scott is, I know I can always rely on him.
Scott  I love her honesty and commitment.

Sadie & Co. Wedding Photography_0019Sadie & Co. Wedding Photography_0020Sadie & Co. Wedding Photography_0021Sadie & Co. Wedding Photography_0040Sadie & Co. Wedding Photography_0041Sadie & Co. Wedding Photography_0022 Sadie & Co. Wedding Photography_0028Sadie & Co. Wedding Photography_0027Sadie & Co. Wedding Photography_0029Sadie & Co. Wedding Photography_0030Sadie & Co. Wedding Photography_0031

In three words describe your wedding style…

Botanical, Sparkling, Fun

What were your save and splurge items for your wedding?

We definitely saved on venue costs, being locals we got the use of a beautiful local garden and a great rate for the Coatesville hall. Out of fear of running out we splurged on drinks a little (including some nice stuff for the wedding party!)

Sadie & Co. Wedding Photography_0032Sadie & Co. Wedding Photography_0033Sadie & Co. Wedding Photography_0034Sadie & Co. Wedding Photography_0035 Sadie & Co. Wedding Photography_0039 Sadie & Co. Wedding Photography_0043Sadie & Co. Wedding Photography_0044Sadie & Co. Wedding Photography_0045 Sadie & Co. Wedding Photography_0047Sadie & Co. Wedding Photography_0048 Sadie & Co. Wedding Photography_0050Sadie & Co. Wedding Photography_0051Sadie & Co. Wedding Photography_0052 Sadie & Co. Wedding Photography_0054Sadie & Co. Wedding Photography_0055Sadie & Co. Wedding Photography_0056Sadie & Co. Wedding Photography_0057Sadie & Co. Wedding Photography_0058

Did you DIY? 

Oh hell yes!! We had a great time making so many things for our wedding my pinterest board was overflowing!! The biggest DIY would have been the invitations which I had a huge amount of help from my Mum with she makes her own cards so she had all the bits and pieces to make them look great.

I also spent a lot of hours painting a lot of plastic animals black and gold for the centre pieces, think there was around 120 in the end along with some large ones for table decorations. Everyone loved them only about 15 came home!

We also made signs for the ceremony and reception. Along with our team of helpers we decorated the Hall with olive wreaths and the tables with ivy, seed lights, and the animals it all came together so well.

Sadie & Co. Wedding Photography_0070Sadie & Co. Wedding Photography_0059Sadie & Co. Wedding Photography_0060Sadie & Co. Wedding Photography_0061Sadie & Co. Wedding Photography_0062Sadie & Co. Wedding Photography_0063Sadie & Co. Wedding Photography_0064Sadie & Co. Wedding Photography_0065Sadie & Co. Wedding Photography_0066Sadie & Co. Wedding Photography_0067Sadie & Co. Wedding Photography_0068Sadie & Co. Wedding Photography_0069 Sadie & Co. Wedding Photography_0073

Do you have any tips or tricks for engaged couples?

Dont stress, plan well. Once the day starts theres not a lot you can change so enjoy the day!

What do you love most about being married?

We love being a team, I’m proud Scott is my husband and He’s proud to be my wife.

Sadie & Co. Wedding Photography_0071Sadie & Co. Wedding Photography_0074Sadie & Co. Wedding Photography_0075


Photographer Sadie & Co with the Photokombi which was so much fun!! | Flowers Sandra at Roses FloristHair My Dad did mine and my sisters, Kelly from Hair by Shelley the bridesmaids | Makeup Kimberly Hill | Nails Beauty by GemCake Florabunda CakesCelebrant Kim Jewel ElliotBrides Dress Rue de Siene Hannah Dress | Accessories Necklace from Nordstrom, Shoes from Gorman, rest of the jewels were family jewels | Flower Crown Roses FloristBridesmaid Jumpsuits Ruby | Bridesmaid Accessories Flower Crowns by Roses Florist, bracelets from Mi PiaciGrooms Accessories Paul Frank pocket square | Groomsmans Suits Frank CaseyVenue Coatesville Gardens & Coatesville HallCatering Helen Cato, Who’s Your Caterer

September 11, 2015


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    September 24, 2015

    Amazing wedding!

  2. Jax

    September 11, 2015

    Hi Vanessa,

    The suits were from Frank Casey Suit Hire! Such a great colour 🙂

  3. Vanessa

    September 11, 2015

    This is gorgeous and so beautifully put together. Where was the groom’s suit from? It’s exactly the colour my fiance is looking for.

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