5 Fab Tips To Get Your Skin Wedding Day Ready

Hello! It’s Christina from Freckles & Blush here! One of the most popular questions I get from brides-to-be leading up to their wedding day is, “How can I clear up my skin”? Leading up to your big day it’s common for your skin to change or breakout due to stress and lack of sleep (It can be hard to sleep with that constant check list buzzing around your head). So here are 5 of the best tips I can give you to get your skin looking fresh and glowing for your big day.

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1. Lemon Water

This one might sound really simple but adding fresh lemon to your water is one of the best ways to clear and detoxify your skin. I often give this advice to the bride-to-be who contacts me concerned about skin breakouts and I love it when I arrive to do their makeup on the wedding day and the bride and all the bridesmaids are drinking pitchers of lemon water. I would recommend upping your water intake at least 4 weeks before your wedding to give your skin the best chance to clear itself.


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2. No Facials you’re not already familiar with

I still get amazed by how many panicked phone calls I get from brides-to-be who are freaking out because they tried out a new facial and it has caused a major breakout or reaction. Unless you have been getting the same facial for over 3 months with no reaction then I would avoid trying any new facials. If you want to get that pampered feeling best go for a massage.


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3. Avoid the sun

Now I know I don’t have to tell you all how bad the sun is for our skin (especially in New Zealand) but staying out of the sun during a lovely summers day is near to impossible. So I recommend that you follow the classic sun rules, wear a hat, apply lots of sunscreen and don’t go out in the midday sun. Plus we want to avoid all of those terrible tan lines especially if you are wearing a backless or strapless dress!


4. No fake tanner on your face

After the last tip you might think I am pushing it now, “I can’t get sun on my face or apply fake tan onto my face to cover the paleness?” Here is the thing, from a makeup artist’s point of view a lot of the breakouts that most woman get are often from fake tanner on the face due to the harsh chemicals. I would rather recommend using a slightly warmer foundation and then applying bronzer over the top to match your face to your body.


5. Stick to your skincare routine

When it comes to the big lead up to your wedding day one of the best tips I can give is find a skincare regime that works for you and stick to it. It can be hard getting into the habit of using proper skincare products every morning and night but your skin will start to settle and calm when it continuously is getting the moisture and nutrients it needs. If you don’t have a skincare routine start with the basics of a really good day cream, night cream and eye cream. Also don’t forget one of the best things you can do for your skin is to properly remove your makeup every night. Bonus Tip: If you are always forgetting to take your makeup off then buy some makeup remover wipes and keep them by your bed for when you are too tired to wash your face.

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