Jaw Dropping, Must See Floral Wedding Inspiration (my favourite of 2015!)

Courtney Horwood Wedding Photography_0027
I don’t even know what to say about today’s wedding inspiration! In fact, I’m not really sure I need to say anything because as you will soon discover, the whole shoot is PERFECTION from start to finish. Romantic, bright, beautiful and FREAKEN AMAZING, the vendors behind this shoot all deserve a gold star, a certificate of awesomeness and perfect 10’s all around! (and I am feeling pretty damn lucky that I get to share it with all you beautiful people!) Here is a little more about the inspiration behind the masterpiece!…

“Sometimes Casey, Courtney and I get together and come up with an idea…it starts with a little seed of inspiration and often turns into something beautiful. Casey had been wanting to do a shoot at Van Lier, a rose grower up in Auckland for a while. It was perfect timing as Natalie Chan’s gorgeous new season, hand painted, rose inspired dresses had just been created. I wanted the flowers to be vibrant and full of life, fresh and fun. Jasmine has always been a favourite of mine and I used it throughout my designs combined with an abundance of other goodness from the garden. The whole experience smelt so sweet and was the perfect way to spend an afternoon with friends.” – Jess from Honeysuckle Rose

Photographer Courtney Horwood Photography | Styling The Heirloom | Flowers Honeysuckle Rose  | Venue Van Lier Nurseries | Makeup Shona Stevenson Makeup Artistry | Bridal Gowns Natalie Chan Boutique | Stationery Just My Type | Cake Sweet Deer Cakes | Ghost Chairs The Great Catering Co. | Model Maisie Kathleen

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Photographer Courtney Horwood Photography
Styling The Heirloom
Flowers Honeysuckle Rose 
Venue Van Lier Nurseries
Makeup Shona Stevenson Makeup Artistry
Bridal Gowns Natalie Chan Boutique
Stationery Just My Type
Cake Sweet Deer Cakes
Ghost Chairs The Great Catering Co.
Model Maisie Kathleen


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