Get Your Hair Wedding Day Ready With These 5 Tips

Hi lovely people, it’s Christina here from Freckles & Blush! When it comes to your wedding day hair you might think that there is nothing you can do to improve your hair (plus your hairdresser will make it looking amazing on the day right?) Wrong! There is so much you can do to get your locks looking the very best for your wedding day.

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1. Book in with your hairdresser months in advance to make a plan

They say that good things take time and this couldn’t be truer when it comes to your hair. Hair has a 90 day cycle. So that can mean a great 90 cycle or an “I might just wear a hat for the next 90 days” cycle. That is why it is so important to talk ahead of time to your hairdresser about what you are thinking for the day when it comes to your hair shape, color and health. A good hairdresser will know what it takes to get you there but you can’t expect her to do it instantly so book your first consultation months in advance.


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2. Get good oils into your body for your hair and nails sake

Oils should be your new best friend. I used to have oily hair but it was only when I realized that my hair was so dry and lacking it oil that it was over producing oil to try and balance out my scalp. You can apply oils to your hair but the best results always start from the inside and works out. I recommend upping your oil intake by eating fish like salmon, avocado and nuts. Omega3 fish oil capsules work a treat too. It might take a few months but you will start to see the difference with your hair becoming longer and shiny and your nails stronger!


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3. Try to use less heat tools and let your hair air dry

I am just as bad as the next girl when it comes to using heat tools on my hair. Leading up to your wedding try to use heated tools a lot less and let your hair naturally dry. Also don’t forget to apply a heat protection spray before you use any heat too.


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4. Invest in good quality products

When it comes to makeup you are only as good as the tools you use and the same comes to hair. Have a look at the products you are using on your hair. Are they doing the best to strengthen and repair your hair? I recommend investing in high quality products including a hair mask to apply once a week. Your hair will love you for it.


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5. Book in for hair treatments

Brides love to book in for facials leading up to their wedding day but what about your hair? There are so many amazing hair treatments that salons offer depending on your hair needs. I recommend at least 1-2 a month for the 3 months leading up to your wedding day.


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