The (must see) Eternal Romance Bridal Collection by Dreamers and Lovers

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Oh la la! Just when you thought you found the perfect wedding dress… BAM… I send you a whole bunch of delicious new ones your way (what a total biarch!). I have been mesmerised by the dresses at Dreamers & Lovers since I started the blog in 2012, not only for how unique and affordable they are but also because the designer behind the gowns Yanique Barnes is sooo ridiculously nice!

Just in time for summer loving, the Eternal Romance bridal collection will have star crossed lovers swooning. Offering styles for all brides from plunging necklines rimmed with intricately embroidered lace, to chic, simply cut sheaths, graceful winged sleeves and low-cut backs that will make your significant other drool or faint (either way it’s a win in my eyes!). No doubt you will all find a dress here that rocks your world, oh and did I mention that they will send dresses to New Zealand so that you can try them on first!!!

Find out more about the Eternal Romance collection below and at www.dreamersandlovers.comand check out more of their gorgeous gowns in their ETSY store.

Photography by Alex Stoddard

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Come ti vidi m’innamorai, e tu sorridi perché lo sai.
When I saw you, I fell in love, and you smiled because you knew. 

– Arrigo Boito, 1893

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“All love is sacred and not to be taken lightly, yet there is one that surpasses all the rest: love for a beloved, accompanied with romance. Romance, that spark of passion, that ever slight blush that rushes to your cheeks when you hear him speak, those butterflies when you kiss. The driving force behind holding hands, stolen glances, and giggling over a shared secret.

It’s the reason you want to look beautiful on your wedding day.”

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“What happens to romance after the wedding day? Many couples say life happens: steadfast, deep love remains, but romance often fizzles. It shouldn’t be that way. Strive to keep romance alive: keep those butterflies fluttering, take time to look beautiful just for one another, share intimate secrets, remember to hold hands, flirt, and whisper sweet nothings. Here’s to keeping romance eternal.

There’s no better place to start than with a gorgeous wedding dress to proclaim your everlasting love.”

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“A mix of tulle, silk, and cotton embroidered lace structure the collection. We’ve incorporated traditional floral patterned embroidered lace, as well as uniquely beautiful geometric style embroidered patterns.

The collection’s silhouettes range from formfitting to A-line, and even a looser fit, all promising to flatter the bride and designed for comfortable wear.

We want brides wearing the Eternal Romance collection to feel like they’re walking on clouds- because that’s how true love should feel.”

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