4 Of The Biggest Bridesmaid Trends For 2015/2016

While I admit that I am no Anna Wintour (oh imagine the shoes one would have!), I do like to dabble in a little trend watching time to time. Today I give you four trends that are rocking the wedding world when it comes to Bridesmaids and I predict they will lead us well into 2016. I would love to hear your favourite!?



Kelsey Combe Photography

There is something super ‘Charlies Angels’ about a jumpsuit (and who doesn’t want to feel like a kick ass, chic superwoman!). My only suggestion is if you are dressing girls of all shapes and sizes is go for a wide leg pant in a flowing fabric (like the pics above and below) which is a much more flattering style for everyone.

Image by Mandilynn Photography via The Wedding Chicks

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mix and match

Image by N Barrett Photography

I am a little bit obsessed with this trend (although you can hardly call it a trend when I have been rambling on about how awesome it is for years now!), but when it comes to mix and match, brides and bridesmaids are getting braver and cooler and the above is the perfect example of how you can not only mix dress styles, but colours and prints as well (or and even throw in a jumpsuit, playsuit or pants!) Damn that’s cool.

Image by Studio Castillero via Green Wedding Shoes

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Image by John Benavente via The Lane

This has to be one of the easiest ways to dress your girls by far! Choose a colour palette and even let the ladies choose the style of the top half to suit their shape (big boobies & no boobies might like different looks). Or even give them a range of 3 or 4 colours and let them choose everything (possibly pop in a reminder not to go too short… unless that is how you role!). You likey?

Image via ASOS

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Image by Nadia Meli

Nothing says romance more than Tulle, so it makes sense that brides are not only dressing themselves in Tulle but their leading ladies as well! This trend also see’s the Tulle being teamed with a plain cotton top (comfy!) or a corset/bodice style top, but whatever you do keep it simple (we still want the bride to stand out!).


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  1. Jax

    November 20, 2015

    Love that Aimee! I am totally digging the jumpsuits!!!!

  2. Aimee Kelly

    November 19, 2015

    Love the jumpsuit!! I just photographed a wedding last weekend and her twin (bridesmaid) wore a stunning jumpsuit!! ????

  3. Jax

    November 19, 2015

    I agree Sofia! 🙂

  4. Sofia

    November 19, 2015

    Separates are such a flattering option!

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