A DIY Garden Wedding Celebration by Courtney Horwood Photography

Courtney Horwood Wedding Photography_0044Those of you involved in the wedding industry might recognise today’s bride as the beautiful Jess from Honeysuckle Rose. This day is chocca with inspiration for the diy bride and be warned that you might be tempted to lick your screen when you check out all the food! A big thank you to one of my favie photographers Courtney Horwood for sharing these incredible images with P&L xox

Andy and I eloped to Scotland 5 years ago when I was pregnant with our first boy Jamie. It was lovely and intimate but we always wanted to have a celebration with family and friends. Andy’s Mum and sister and his two besties came over from England last year so we thought it was the perfect opportunity to have a party!

Being a florist everyone asked me what flowers I was going to have and probably expected something a bit OTT but this wasn’t about the flowers for me… it was just about having a good time with the people I loved.

My Mum and my Aunty popped flowers on the table, my best friend Jules picked a few garden roses for me to hold and to place in my hair…. when I got walked down the aisle to Andy I realized he didn’t have a buttonhole so I broke off one of my roses and put it in his pocket….it was just that kind of celebration.

I just wanted everyone to have a good time, in company, with good food. – Jess

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Who Jess & Andy
Where Tamahere – Jess’ family home
Guests 70

How did you meet?

I was working as florist in London and Andy was the delivery man.

In three words describe your wedding style…

Relaxed, family, fun

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What were your save and splurge items for your wedding?

I splurged on having a ring made…. I had my existing wedding and engagement rings made into one ring and incorporated a big moonstone in the middle. Beau did such an amazing job of listening to my brief, I left most of the design up to him.

We didn’t really splurge on the craft beer but Andy did take a long time choosing and a lot of tasting to get the one he wanted!

I saved on lots of things by having so many family and friends help out. Court took the most beautiful photos, Casey lent me some super pretty pieces, my brother cooked a fillets beef on the BBQ, Mum did lots of food prep. My friend Tim (a chef) made canapés, my Aunty took the service for us, instead of gifts our friends made desserts and sweets for the most amazing grazing dessert table. My sister in law made our chocolate mud cake, and did my make-up, I painted and made the invitations myself, I wore bare feet…no need to buy shoes… the list goes on!!

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What was the most difficult part of planning your wedding? And the most fun?

It was difficult finding the time to organize things in the first place! I have two kids and a business. I guess I help to organize parts of other peoples wedding so there wasn’t a lot of time to concentrate on my own! The most fun as collecting all the retro plates that we used at the lunch…I love op shopping!!

Did you DIY? If so, what did you do?

Pretty much everything. We had someone come in and make salads, organize the kitchen and serve but we did all the rest of the food ourselves. I collected lots of bottles and bound them with gold leather for the tables, I collected all the plates and bowls and spray painted all the cutlery that I collected too. Family and friends helped set up the tables and place the flowers.

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What music did you play for those special moments?

We had the same music that we had at our first wedding. I sung Sea of Love by Cat Power to Andy before I walked down the aisle, and we had Somewhere Over the Rainbow on the way back down. We didn’t have a formal first dance as we had a lunch and it finished quite early but later in the evening when it was just a few of us left we did have a dance to our song… I Only Have Eyes for You by the Flamingoes.

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Do you have any money saving tips for engaged couples?

Spend money on what really matters to you be it the photographer, the flowers or dress…there are always ways to save on those items that aren’t as important to you. Remember why you are there… to marry your beloved, that really should be the most important thing. Oh and try not to get carried away and think you have to have everything you see on Pinterest!!

Where did you go for your honeymoon?

We have been married twice and still not been on Honeymoon…I blame the kids!!

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Photographer Courtney Horwood
Planner/Stylist The Heirloom
Flowers My Mum and Aunty…all from the garden
Venue/Catering Kate’s Cuisine
Beer King Country Brewing Co.
Hire Company The Heirloom and Hamilton Party Hire
Stationery & Signage DIY
Hair & Makeup Sister in Law and my BFF
Cake Sister in Law
Celebrant My Aunty Jude
Brides Dress, Accessories & Shoes Originally from Monsoon in the UK and I bought this gorgeous gold lace on Trade me and new exactly what I wanted done with it. Holly Hill Dressmaker did the alterations for me…..she was AMAZING!!!
Grooms Suit and Accessories Next UK
Rings Beau at Bespoke Jewellers in Cambridge
Music From The Sun