A Romantic Sunset Engagement Captured by Keryn

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Awww these two are just so loved up it makes me happy indeed! A good ole Kiwi love story involving reuniting after an O.E, a super sweet proposal and a very spectacular planned wedding venue. How can you not love them! A big thanks to Captured by Keryn for sharing these gorgeous pics with us xox

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How did you meet?

Through a mutual friend at university but were only friends at this stage and went our separate ways after uni. However we kept in touch through the years while we went on our OE’s and lived overseas for a bit but when we both came back to NZ, decided to catch up again and the rest is history.

In three words describe each other…

Manjeeras about Nick Caring, kind and ambitious.
Nick about Manjeera Caring, confident and driven.

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Tell us the one quality you love most about each other…

I love how Nick is so caring and always puts his friends and family (including me) in-front of mind with everything he does. It’s such a great selfless quality to have and makes me feel confident at how great of a husband and father he will be.

The way she always asks how my day has been, and cheers me up when it’s been a rough one. She always puts me and her friends first. She’s always down for a cuddle, and always looks stunning.

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Tell us about the proposal…

We were going on a 3 week overseas holiday the following week and I needed to go to the hairdressers. Nick came to pick me up from my appointment on a Wednesday night and he came inside to talk to me and my hair dresser who is a good friend. The topic of engagements came up as many of our friends have been getting engaged recently and my friend said to Nick “Yah, when’s yours coming up aye” but little did we know that he was planning on proposing that night when we went home. A causal week night only to find out when I arrived home that there were tea lights and flower petals in our newly bough home leading into the kitchen where there were wooden letters spelling “Will you marry me?”. By this stage I was so surprised and emotional that when he got down on one knee, I knew I was always going to say “Yes”.

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In three words describe your planned wedding style…

Sleek, classic and elegant.

When and where are you planning on getting married?

March 16th 2016 at Kelliher Estate.

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What will be your splurge item for your wedding?

The venue. Nick used to the work for Dawsons Catering and worked at Kelliher Estate many times and mentioned how amazing the venue is for a wedding. I’ve never see it let alone heard of the venue and when we went to view the place, we knew this is where we wanted to get married.

Where are you going for your honeymoon and why?

Taking an extended holiday to Europe. I’ve been to Europe on my OE but Nick never has and I want to share the amazing moments I experienced while being some of the most beautiful places in the world with the man I love.

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Photography Captured by Keryn