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February 2016

5 Swanky Styles For The Groom

PAPER & LACE 5 Swanky Styles For The 2016 Groom 1

There is nothing yummier than walking down the aisle to your gorgeous groom, especially when they are looking super swanky in something that they feel comfortable, confident and stylish in. When is comes to groom attire, it is easy to head straight to the hire store for a stock standard suit, so today I give

Wedding Trend | Metallic Cakes

PAPER & LACE 2016 Wedding Trend | Metallic Cakes 9

Who doesn’t love a little cake!? No one that’s who. And what better than a cake with a little metallic shimmer for your big day. Yummy AND Fancy. All of today’s wedding cakes come from Melbourne duo Janelle and Samone from Cake Ink. These ladies are the shiz, and their cakes are the perfect inspiration for a jaw

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