A Fun & Fabulous Auckland Garden Wedding With Captured By Keryn

Captured by Keryn Wedding Photography_0072
Today’s wedding is a treat! From the gorgeous blush dresses worn by the bride and her leading ladies, the awesome outdoor games, the thoughtful gift giving and the OMG SO CUTE doggy, Sherwin & Avantika nailed their perfect wedding with the help of the super talented photographers Captured by Keryn. Time to get inspired!…

Photographer Captured by Keryn | Film Studio InfinityFlowers, Cake & Candy Bar Ourselves | Hair & Makeup Mary EstelleBrides Dress & | Accessories Custom dress made overseas, family jewellery | Bridesmaids Dresses & Accessories Pagani dresses, family jewellery | Grooms Suits & Accessories Hallensteins, The Forgotten Man (bowtie) | Venue/Catering Markovina EstateCelebrant Jerrard Jason September

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Who Sherwin Tian (IT systems engineer) & Avantika Gupta (Business Analyst)
When 22nd December 2015
Where Markovina Estate

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How did you meet?  

We met through a mutual friend, on the first day of second year uni. It was her birthday so we had both gone to see her at Albert Park. Sherwin had introduced this friend to her now-fiance a couple of months earlier, and I guess it worked out pretty well for both couples!

Tell us the one quality you love most about each other?

Sherwin What I love the most about Avantika is how giving she is, if anyone needs anything, she will never say no.
Avantika I love that Sherwin can make me smile and laugh no matter how bad my mood, even when I’m angry at him

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In three words describe your wedding style… Fun, Creative, Garden-party

What were your save and splurge items for your wedding?

We knew that wanted to have great photos to remember the night, so our splurge items were the photographer and videographer. Saving wise: we did a lot of DIY since we’re both very creative people and enjoy the DIY challenge. We also knew that the suit Sherwin wore for the wedding was unlikely to get a lot of use after the day so we saved on the suit by getting one from Hallensteins.

Did you DIY? If so what did you do?

DIY was our middle name! My sister and I spent our weekends working away on various craft projects: we made over 150 paper tulips, 80 anemones and 80 peonies, we made over 350 paper cranes for the photobooth backdrop. I learnt how to cut glass to make vases from wine bottles. Sherwin built the wedding website so that all our overseas family would be able to see the engagement photos and, soon, the wedding photos. We were also using the website as our honeymoon registry and RSVP method. Sherwin also built 2 bean bag toss boards for our lawn games. We designed the invitations ourselves and had them printed in India. We spent evenings during the week before the wedding hand making all the candy that would feature in our candy bar. Last but not least, I made our wedding cake. I did a lot of experimenting with cake flavours and fillings throughout the year, much to the delight of everyone at work.

Captured by Keryn Wedding Photography_0037Captured by Keryn Wedding Photography_0038Captured by Keryn Wedding Photography_0039Captured by Keryn Wedding Photography_0052Captured by Keryn Wedding Photography_0053Captured by Keryn Wedding Photography_0055Captured by Keryn Wedding Photography_0054Captured by Keryn Wedding Photography_0057Captured by Keryn Wedding Photography_0058Captured by Keryn Wedding Photography_0060Captured by Keryn Wedding Photography_0061Captured by Keryn Wedding Photography_0063Captured by Keryn Wedding Photography_0065Captured by Keryn Wedding Photography_0067Captured by Keryn Wedding Photography_0071Captured by Keryn Wedding Photography_0073Captured by Keryn Wedding Photography_0072Captured by Keryn Wedding Photography_0079Captured by Keryn Wedding Photography_0084Captured by Keryn Wedding Photography_0175Captured by Keryn Wedding Photography_0085Captured by Keryn Wedding Photography_0088Captured by Keryn Wedding Photography_0090Captured by Keryn Wedding Photography_0091Captured by Keryn Wedding Photography_0095Captured by Keryn Wedding Photography_0098Captured by Keryn Wedding Photography_0097Captured by Keryn Wedding Photography_0102Captured by Keryn Wedding Photography_0100Captured by Keryn Wedding Photography_0104Captured by Keryn Wedding Photography_0096

In hindsight is there anything you would have done differently?

We’d made the photobooth in much excitement but we hadn’t tested everything out beforehand. The camera on the night kept resetting itself from timer mode and no one was able to use it. I wish we had spent more time testing the camera and making sure it would do the job on the night. And maybe spent some time taking selfies with people at the photobooth too.

Where did you/are you going for you honeymoon and why?

We are going to the US for a month in August! The reason we chose the US as a destination is so that we can go see the finals of “The International”, which is a multi-million dollar E-sport tournament in Seattle for a day or two during our trip. We have both been following it for the last few years and it looks like a lot of fun. I’d been promising Sherwin that we’d go watch it in Seattle for the last couple of years and we finally get to go!  We’ll be road tripping the entire west coast; from Seattle all the way down to San Diego, Vegas all the national parks around that area, death valley, grand canyon etc.

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Do you have any tips or tricks for engaged couples?

Plan in advance and prepare to work hard. If we hadn’t started organising over a year in advance I don’t think we would have been done in time. Not just the planning, but doing all the DIY elements as far in advance as possible. No matter how much time you leave yourself near the day, 101 things crop up that you weren’t expecting. We got asked to attend and host several impromptu family dinners in the fortnight leading up to it, and managed to fit everything in without losing too much sleep!

Try do as much together as possible. Working on projects together helped us know what each of us expected in terms of the project/outcomes/the whole day itself. It also meant that we could share the experience.

When we look back on that day and everyone’s reactions to all our hard work, it was extremely rewarding. It was 2 years between the time we got engaged and when we got married and we thought that was the perfect amount of time, both to enjoy being engaged as well as taking our time over countless weekends to get everything prepared.  

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What do you love most about being married?

The cool rings we get to wear! Jokes aside, knowing that we got the chance to affirm our love for each other in front of so many important people in our lives. Our everyday lives haven’t changed, but the thought of being able to call each other husband and wife definitely brings a little smile to our faces.

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Avantika & Sherwin Wedding – Markovina Vineyard Auckland from Studio Infinity on Vimeo.



Photographer Captured by Keryn
Film Studio Infinity
Flowers, Cake & Candy Bar Ourselves
Hair & Makeup Mary Estelle
Brides Dress & Accessories Custom dress made overseas, family jewellery 
Bridesmaids Dresses & Accessories Pagani dresses, family jewellery
Grooms Suits & Accessories Hallensteins, The Forgotten Man (bowtie)
Venue/Catering Markovina Estate
Celebrant Jerrard Jason September