When photographers get engaged! A gorgeous beachfront engagement with Lato Photography

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You may recognise today’s lovebirds as the incredibly talented Nick & Aimee from Frank & Peggy Photography (although usually they are behind the lens, not in front of it!). The gorgeous couple plan on getting hitched Feb 2017 at Muriwai Beach in relaxed, diy coastal style (featuring Tipi’s which excites me much!), and when you read the deets on Nick’s proposal, you can just imagine how laid back but super cool the couples big day will be.

A big thank you to Laura & Tommy from LATO PHOTOGRAPHY for sharing this gorgeous shoot with us (You KNOW you are awesome with awesome sprinkles when other talented photographers want you to capture their love story!). P.S Laura & Tommy will be shooting weddings in NZ Jan-Feb 2017 before they head back to Europe so get in quick and book now! xox

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In three words describe each other…

Nick says – She’s loving, determined and creative.
Aimee says – Adventurous, caring, outgoing.

How did you meet?

We were introduced through mutual friends and literally haven’t been apart since!

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Tell us about the proposal…

Nick flew over to see me in New York while I was over there visiting friends last year. He managed to find out where my favourite spot is in the Pocono Mountains and took me off on a little day mission. The day was stunning and so incredibly hot, so we rented tyre tubes and floated down the Delaware River. He found a quiet spot along the way to pull in and he popped the question! No knee dropping involved, very chilled and casual so it was ever so fitting.

In three words describe your planned wedding style…

DIY, coastal, and relaxed but to be completely honest we haven’t really planned a heck of a lot! 🙂 Winter projects!

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When and where are you planning on getting married?

Feb 2017 on our own little slice of paradise near Muriwai Beach, NZ. Teepee tents and all!

What will be your splurge item for your wedding?

Our flipping amazing folk band who are coming up from Palmerston North. We can’t wait!

Where are you going for your honeymoon and why?

Indonesia! Nick’s addicted to surfing and I’m quite happy basking in the sunshine so we’re both winning.

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  1. Linda Borrego

    April 9, 2016

    These are gorgeous engagement photos. My favourite one is of them walking far away and you can see their shadows casting a really long shadow on the ground. Love!

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