Get Happy With Jolly Edition Wedding Stationery


So you’re engaged. High five. Oh heck, let’s go high ten. The date is set, and you’re already collecting ideas and inspiration to celebrate your day in a way that is special and meaningful to you. But before you end up with R.S.I from the overuse of Pinterest, I suggest you take a deep breath, pour yourself a wine, and get jolly. Jolly Edition that is.

This oh so talented husband and wife team combine their fine art and graphic design skills to bring you the most whimsical of illustrations and design that I have ever held in my chubby dutch hands. Vintage, fun and beautifully personal, Laura and Tom create save the date postcards through to custom keepsake wedding portraits, and all are easily available to New Zealand brides.

Today I give you some of my favourites all made for couples in love. If you can dream it, they can create it! xox

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All of these items are available in the Jolly Edition Etsy Store.